Many people get acne, usually in their teen years, and many people get scars by bursting the pimples caused by acne. Acne scars are a very irritating thing to live with and until recently were a permanent skin problem. Luckily with the advancements made in medical science this is no longer the case.

The top 4 ways to get rid of acne scars are each a little different from each other because different levels of acne require different methods. So whether your scarring is only slight or is extremely noticeable one of these treatments should definitely work for you.

1. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a very useful, non-invasive skin care procedure. The top layer of skin is removed with an exfoliating device allowing new skin cells to come to the surface. This treatment is good for minor acne scarring and other minor skin problems, or just to keep your skin nice and healthy looking.

2. Collagen Injections

For more noticeable acne scars, collagen injections may be a good idea. The procedure is exactly what it sounds like, collagen is injected into the scars with a syringe and fills the areas, eliminating any signs of damaged tissue.

There is a little pain involved with collagen injections, but it should only last about 10-20 minutes. Getting the injections also takes only a short amount of time so it can be done easily during the day, leaving you with a nice, clear complexion.

3. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are more commonly used for sun damage and other skin problems, but also work with acne. Chemical peels go where Microdermabrasion can’t, peeling off several layers of skin rather than just one. This allows them to get to the layers of skin where the roots of the scars are and erase them.

This method is a good one for bad scars because it is fast and easy, suited to both men and women and can be modified to fit your specific skin needs.

4. Laser Resurfacing

This method should only be used as a last resort because it is painful and takes time. Laser resurfacing gets rid of the most extreme acne scars by using a laser to remove the bad tissue and let new skin grow in it’s place. Do your research and consult your doctor before considering this procedure.

With these methods, now you and anyone else can have clear, scar-free and healthy skin.

In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at what Acne Treatment options are available to help those who are suffering from acne scars.

Laser resurfacing is one treatment option that should be considered and it works in a way that is similar to dermabrasion. CO2 and Erb: Yag lasers are the types which are the most often used in laser resurfacing treatments. What the laser does is basically destroy the epidermis as well as the top dermal layer. The affected skin is taken off and the damaged tissue is given time to heal in a process similar to dermabrasion. The skin will eventually heal completely and the texture of the affected region will be improved.

As this Acne Treatment kills cells, it has risks that are close to those of dermabrasion. As a result of using this Acne Treatment, those who have a darker complexion face the risk of developing further scars or hyperpigmentation.

For atrophic scarring, it is possible to insert a needle under the scar in order to release the scar tissue. This procedure is called subcision and has shown a lot of effectiveness, as it only targets scar tissue that is under the skin, allowing new and healthy skin to regenerate itself and replace the tissue that was damaged. This treatment is quite simple and only requires a local anesthesia.

If you have deep ice pick scars, one of the available treatment options for you is punch excision and grafting. The scar is excised with the help of a device called a punch. The wound will then be sewn together by using a suture. While this procedure does actually cause some scarring, the new scar that is formed will be a lot smaller than the original. This new scar can also be removed by using other methods. If the scar is too large to be effectively removed with punch excision, a further possibility is getting a skin graft.

In certain cases it is possible to add fillers which will give more volume to the skin. While this procedure will make acne scars flatter, it is not permanent. It will require periodic injections of the filling material in order to maintain its efficiency. While it may not be an ideal choice to use fillers as a primary treatment, this method can be combined with other treatments in order to achieve its desired effect.

Medical microdermabrasion is a method used to resurface the skin by peeling away a very fine layer with each treatment received. The procedure is completely non-invasive, simple, and painless and results in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines that come with age. It is just as effective as more expensive laser resurfacing treatments or chemical peels in getting rid of superficial imperfections on the skin. Microdermabrasion also can help heal mild cases of acne, and can lessen pigmentation issues like age spots. These treatments are also successful at reducing oily skin and shrinking pores.

Microdermabrasion is able to smooth skin and improve its tone by using a small device that can be held easily in the hand to apply a special cream to the skin. This cream contains thousands of tiny crystals. While the crystals are peeling away a layer of dead skin, the device also vacuums away the crystals along with the old skin cells. After a treatment, the next layer of skin that is smoother and softer is revealed. With each microdermabrasion treatment, more dead skin cells are removed and new cells are generated faster than they normally would be without the treatment. While new skin cells are growing so is new collagen, which makes the skin thicker and tighter, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Another advantage of microdermabrasion is that it also helps the skin produce elastin. Elastin makes skin more supple. These treatments also increase the flow of blood to the dermis, allowing the skin to repair itself more quickly and efficiently.

Results of microdermabrasion can be seen with the initial treatment, leaving your skin looking refreshed and aglow and you feeling better about yourself. If you feel like treating yourself to a day at the spa, add a microdermabrasion treatment to your schedule and walk out feeling like a new you.

More than one treatment with this system may be necessary in order to treat certain issues like light acne scarring and age spots and to get the big results you want when it comes to those fine lines and wrinkles. With each treatment you will see those problem areas fade and your skin will respond better to anti-aging creams and lotions and to acne medications.

Microdermabrasion treatments are greatly successful and can be used on people with just about any skin type. However, those with serious cases of acne should not use microdermabrasion.

For those of you suffering from heightening degrees of acne, there is a good chance that you have some scarring to indicate past blemishes. Scars from outbreaks tend to be unsightly and make your skin feel rough. They can even add years to your appearance, though no one wants to the look older than they really are.

Thankfully, there are ways in which you can alleviate your face from the scars left by acne. The method of treatment you can choose will depend on the severity of the flaws, as well as how you want to effectively remove the scars. The most common two routes for treatment involves natural methods or cosmetic surgery.

Natural Scar Treatments

If your acne scars are not severe, you may opt to give natural treatments a try. There are a few over the counter ointments and creams available for this technique. They contain all natural ingredients that will not further harm your skin. Natural exfoliant creams can also be purchased. They help to remove the outermost layers of skin to let new, healthier looking layers shine through.

There are some home remedies recipes for acne scars as well. Apple cidar vinegar, when combined with warm water, can act as a natural exfoliant. Apply the mixture a couple of times daily to the scars to remove the flawed skin.

Cosmetic Surgery for Acne Scars

Some scarring is too severe to be treated with natural methods. These may require the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon, particulary one that specializes in the face.

A number of surgical options are offered to those wishing to remove acne scars. These include:

Injections – Collagen can be inserted into the scars, filling them out to make them less noticeable. Collagen is a substance found naturally in the skin that helps to deal with elasticity and firmness. Adding more to the skin can help tone and tighten.

Microdermabrasion can be performed to remove the outer layers of your skin. It works similiar to that of a natural exfoliant, though it can be stronger and sometimes more effective in removing acne scars than home remedies.

Depending on the condition of your acne scarring, you may wish to start treatment using the natural strategies mentioned. If those fail to work for you, consider the cosmetic surgery options.