In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at what Acne Treatment options are available to help those who are suffering from acne scars.

Laser resurfacing is one treatment option that should be considered and it works in a way that is similar to dermabrasion. CO2 and Erb: Yag lasers are the types which are the most often used in laser resurfacing treatments. What the laser does is basically destroy the epidermis as well as the top dermal layer. The affected skin is taken off and the damaged tissue is given time to heal in a process similar to dermabrasion. The skin will eventually heal completely and the texture of the affected region will be improved.

As this Acne Treatment kills cells, it has risks that are close to those of dermabrasion. As a result of using this Acne Treatment, those who have a darker complexion face the risk of developing further scars or hyperpigmentation.

For atrophic scarring, it is possible to insert a needle under the scar in order to release the scar tissue. This procedure is called subcision and has shown a lot of effectiveness, as it only targets scar tissue that is under the skin, allowing new and healthy skin to regenerate itself and replace the tissue that was damaged. This treatment is quite simple and only requires a local anesthesia.

If you have deep ice pick scars, one of the available treatment options for you is punch excision and grafting. The scar is excised with the help of a device called a punch. The wound will then be sewn together by using a suture. While this procedure does actually cause some scarring, the new scar that is formed will be a lot smaller than the original. This new scar can also be removed by using other methods. If the scar is too large to be effectively removed with punch excision, a further possibility is getting a skin graft.

In certain cases it is possible to add fillers which will give more volume to the skin. While this procedure will make acne scars flatter, it is not permanent. It will require periodic injections of the filling material in order to maintain its efficiency. While it may not be an ideal choice to use fillers as a primary treatment, this method can be combined with other treatments in order to achieve its desired effect.