JCCP Press Release

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners otherwise known as the JCCP, are a ‘not for profit’ organisation that was made to bring ‘self-regulation’ to the non-surgical aesthetic sector within the UK. They are the body that registers practitioners, approved education and training providers with the key remit of ensuring patient safety.

At Cosmetic Courses, we pride ourselves on the standard of the training we deliver and have a passion to make the aesthetics industry a safer place. By raising industry standards, we are helping to shape a safer future within aesthetics. The JCCP has a huge part to play in this with their strong focus on patient safety. They have recently published an important report from the Health and Social Care Select Committee, Departmental Select Committee of the British House of Commons. This report was on the Impact of Body Image on Mental and Physical Health. “The JCCP gave written and oral evidence to the Committee in June and called for a range of specific public protection measures to be put in place as soon as possible within the context of the Government’s new proposed licensing system for non-surgical treatments in England.”

The press release published by the JCCP states:

The report advises that ‘The Government must speed up the introduction of a promised licensing regime for non-surgical cosmetic procedures to prevent vulnerable people being exploited. The Impact of body image on mental and physical health report identifies a rise in body image dissatisfaction as the driver behind a new market that to date has remained largely unregulated. The dangers posed by non-surgical cosmetic procedures in vulnerable groups were evident throughout the inquiry say MPs’.

The Inquiry Team noted that ‘The Government has new powers to introduce a licensing regime for non-surgical cosmetic procedures however a consultation on what that regime should look like is still awaited. Legislation should require online commercial content to carry a logo to identify body images that have been digitally altered while the Government is urged to work with the industry and the ASA to discourage advertisers and influencers from doctoring their images’.

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt – The Health and Social Care Committee Chair said,

“The government must act urgently to end the situation where anyone can carry out non-surgical cosmetic procedures, regardless of training or qualifications. We heard of some distressing experiences – a conveyor belt approach with procedures carried out with no questions asked, procedures that have gone wrong, the use of filthy premises”.

“It was clear throughout our inquiry that some groups are particularly vulnerable to exploitation in this growing market that has gone largely unregulated. We need a timetable now for a licensing regime with patient safety at its centre to reduce those risks. We hope that ministers will listen to our recommendations and set about creating the safety standards that anyone seeking treatment has a right to expect.”

Prof. David Sines CBE – Chair of the JCCP said,

“We are delighted that the key issues raised in our representation to the Select Committee have been supported by Jeremy Hunt and his colleagues. We very much look forward to continuing our engagement with the Government and health care regulators during the forthcoming months to realise the key objective of embedding patient safety and public protection for members of the public who elect to engage with nonsurgical procedures within the context of national enforceable legislation

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