Kim Kardashian’s latest media circus involves speculation that she is still undergoing regular Botox treatments despite being 7 months into her pregnancy. Though the American socialite has neither confirmed or denied the reports that are circulating throughout US and now global tabloids, the question on many people’s lips is – if true, will this do harm to her unborn baby?

Whilst we can’t comment on the validity of the claims and therefore offer no opinion on this specific case, it is worth visiting the subject on a general basis. There is no evidence that Botox travels beyond the area in which it is injected, and in theory this would extend to meaning it would not reach an unborn baby via the placenta. That said, there is no conclusive evidence that it does not, given that it would be impossible to test this on pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

Corroborative evidence would suggest that it is safe and indeed prescription Botox is sometimes carried out on expectant mothers suffering from other conditions that require it, such as chronic migraines or cervical dystonia (problems with posture and movement, usually in the neck and shoulders). Currently doctors are allowed to continue with Botox treatment in these cases.

There are also no regulations that prevent practitioners from offering Botox for cosmetic reasons to pregnant women. That said, most who administer it will not offer it to pregnant women for cosmetic reasons alone. This is because the reason for the Botox is seen as non-essential, and therefore the safety of the unborn foetus is given greater precedence.

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