Question :

Last week my mum had what she was told was Botox.

She has since found out it was a product called “Fabtox” (which I have never heard of): a bespoke product made up of Vistabel.

Within minutes her eye was swollen up and had started to go purple, now her cheek is swollen down to her chin. She has been to A&E and her GP who can’t do anything.

She had it done down at a dental/cosmetic studio in Shoreham near Brighton.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

Thanks so much


Answer :

It sounds as if the injection has hit one of the blood vessels which surrounds your mother’s eye.

The blood then moves inside the orbit and produces the bruise you see.

This bruising will settle over the next couple of weeks but it might be worthwhile asking her to massage Arnica cream into the bruised area daily.

Let us know how she gets on.

It is really very important that you research carefully into where you are going for your Botox treatments and the products which they use.

We hope that your mother gets better soon!

If she would prefer to enrol as a model with us in future, we can promise that we do not use any “Fabtox” products here and all our delegates are medical professionals, closely supervised by expert Aesthetic Practitioners. She can enrol by calling our team on 0845 230 4110 or find comfort in our other models’ testimonials at

The Cosmetic Courses Team