According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the low cost of a botox cosmetic treatment compared to plastic surgery, the ease with which it can be done, and the efficacious way it can restore a youthful appearance makes this one of the most popular anti-aging solutions. Moreover, this non-invasive treatment only takes about 10 minutes to administer. The botox injection can be done in a medical practitioner’s office with little training.

However, someone who wants a botox injection should be cautious about where they get their treatment. While it may be cheaper to get an injection from a health spa or a hotel beauty salon, for example, this can also pose some serious health risks.

Unless, the injection is by a trained medical practitioner, there is a risk that the dosage is either too low or too high, a risk that the injection is not done properly, and a risk that the needle and syringe are not sanitary. The FDA itself stipulates that a botox injection should only be administered by a medical practitioner trained in the procedure and done in a medical establishment.

Proper Treatment Procedures

Proper treatment by a medical practitioner involves several steps.

First, the consultation should begin with a study of how the patient smiles, frowns, and makes other facial expressions.

Second, the patient should fill out a detailed questionnaire. This will include references to their complete medical history as well as answer everything about their skin type and how much time they spend in the sun.

Third, the skin surface that will be injected has to be thoroughly cleaned.

Fourth, the skin should be treated to a local anaesthetic before the injection.

Proper Qualifications

The best physicians to choose are those who have had hands-on training on how to inject someone in the face. A theoretical understanding about this procedure is not enough. Additionally, since many cosmetic training schools are founded and taught by instructors who are not qualified, it’s important to get a physician who was taught by a certified and experienced instructor.

Due Diligence

Although it may seem to be bothersome to find the right physician, it’s important to take the time to do it. Finding someone who is inexpensive but is either not a medical practitioner or is a professional who has been poorly and inadequately trained can prove highly dangerous. The wrong person can endanger your health or create less than desirable results.