JCCP Update September 2022 - Fast Track Level 7 Diploma

JCCP Update September 2022

This month the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners otherwise known as the JCCP released their update for the month of September. They are a ‘not for profit’ organisation that was made to bring ‘self-regulation’ to the non-surgical aesthetic sector within the UK. They are the body that registers practitioners, approved education, and training providers with a strong focus on patient safety.

The update was mainly focused on The Health and Care Act – 2022. This act came into force on the 1st of July, 2022 and will have a huge impact across the NHS in England. The Act introduces a new licensing system for practitioners that undertake non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as toxins and dermal fillers. It prohibits anyone from performing specified cosmetic treatments unless they have a personal licence. You will also need a premises licence “for the carrying out of specified cosmetic procedures”. This act is in favour of the creation of the establishment of new health and care infrastructure that should be designed to create a safe environment. This will also create more cooperation and collaboration between the NHS, local government, and other partners in the hopes of having a major impact on the aesthetic industry for the better.

Fast Track Level 7 Diploma

In this update, we were mentioned in section four, “JCCP Fast Track Assessment Centre”. We are proud to be one of the first JCCP-approved training centres for injectables, setting the standards for a safer industry. This course is a great alternative for someone who wants to take the educational route in aesthetics but doesn’t have the time to take off from their busy clinic. Currently, the VTCT (ITEC) Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Treatments Course is the highest formal aesthetic medicine qualification available in the UK and is a well-recognised qualification. You can read the full section below:

In order to ensure that those operating in the industry are more accountable to members of the public with regards their ‘fitness to practice’ the JCCP has agreed that their registered healthcare practitioners should be able to evidence their compliance with the JCCP and CPSA published standards for practice, either by undertaking a JCCP approved qualification or by attending a JCCP approved Fast Track Assessment Centre (FTA).

The JCCP agreed last year that practitioners can apply to register with Learna’s new JCCP Fast Track Assessment (FTA) which has been specifically designed for aesthetic practitioners who are seeking to register with the JCCP. The new fast track assessment centre has been developed by online learning specialists, Learna, in collaboration with the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), and will streamline the qualifications process, enabling more cosmetic practitioners to be eligible to join the JCCP Government PSA approved register. Harley Academy and Cosmetic Courses have also been approved this year to work in association with Learna to offer JCCP Fast Track Assessment Centres.

The JCCP Fast Track Assessment Centre offers practitioners an alternative to more costly and time-consuming qualifications and is the only fast track assessment course of its kind on the market that is recognised by the JCCP, resulting in the award of a formally recognised equivalent verification standard that provides unconditional access to Part One of the PSA approved JCCP Practitioner Register.

What does it involve?

The new FTA results in the award of a formally recognised equivalent verification standard that equates to the JCCP Level 7 education and training standard for the injection of toxins and for the insertion of dermal fillers. The FTA consists of two components; a three-hour theoretical exam with questions testing practitioner knowledge, and a practical examination which tests the individuals’ clinical skills and competence. This contrasts with some of the shortest PgCert courses, which take around 6 months to complete. Details of the JCCP/Learna Fast Track Assessment Centre process and application details may be accessed via the following link.

You can read the full press release here.

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