If you currently offer injectable treatments and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures, either privately or through a clinic, it’s likely you will be impacted at some stage by the Keogh Review – whose research into possible regulations for the aesthetic medical industry may help form government legislature.

Calls have been made from medical professionals and bodies for some time over the need for more regulation within the industry. This includes focusing on who is qualified to perform non-invasive procedures. Currently any clinic can offer injectable treatments; this may change following the release of the review’s findings, which is expected to happen this month.

Many practitioners already undergo training to qualify them to administer treatment, however for any who haven’t it is wise to undertake training as soon as possible, to ensure you will be able to continue to practice.

It’s possible that the review will suggest that only medical professionals (which will include doctors, dentists and nurses) will be able to offer these procedures, however ensuring you are qualified to carry them out may count if you are outside of these professions.

If you are a doctor, nurse or dentist and do currently carry out non-invasive procedures it is important to keep up to date with training as it’s likely that this will be required.

Although the review will make recommendations to government there will be no obligation to make them mandatory. If the proposals are passed through law, this will likely take several months.

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