Wearing a face mask has become as normal as putting your shoes on to go out, an essential to prevent the spread of harmful diseases. Unfortunately, it’s coming with a side effect,“maskne” the acne caused by a protective face mask. Whether it’s real acne or simple irritation, we are going to talk you through how to address. prevent and help your maskne.

For the past weeks, unless you are voluntarily confined to your home, it is impossible not to wear a mask for your daily activities where you are in the presence of fellow humans. Essential to curb the spread of the virus.

The phenomenon of maskne – the most common symptom being acne has been around for years and something which professional athletes can suffer with if their sport requires wearing a cap or visor that would rub the skin. 

How to avoid maskne?

  1. Treat the mask as underwear and wash it frequently
  2. Choose your mask and maintain it – no sharing!
  3. Using a 100% cotton mask will allow your skin to breathe better than in a synthetic material
  4. Wash it regularly!

Simplify your skincare routine 

Reduce your skincare routine down to the essentials: a mild soap-free cleanser and a mild fragrance-free moisturizer. The idea being that the least of the ingredients is preferable to the overflow. As for the moisturizing treatment, it has a double function: to moisturize the skin but also to protect it from the friction of the mask – we recommend EYN H2 ∞ – Endurance Moisturiser & NEOSTRATA | Daytime Protection Cream SPF23

In addition, it should be remembered that wearing the mask will intensify the diffusion of care on the skin. So with less, you get more. Knowing this, beware of the use of products containing acids or retinols. Because here, an intensification could be irritating. Doses and uses should be reduced, and under no circumstances should retinol treatment begin during this masked period.

At the end of the day when you remove your mask, treat your skin to another kind of mask, detox facial masks can provide skin with the vitamins it lacked being covered up – we recommend PEEL TO GLOW | Skin Bloom

Stop or break makeup (at least temporarily)

Avoid makeup, or use very light makeup. Prefer tinted moisturizing creams to foundation creams with a richer, oilier texture. We recommend a tinted SPF such as Heliocare or EYN, offering UV cover and a light tinted coverage

And remove make-up as soon as possible, using a more gentle micellar water. It won’t attack your skin. Then moisturize it.


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