At Cosmetic Courses the safety and care of our models has always been at the forefront of what we do. Through our training we pass on this duty of care and hope to develop well educated aesthetic practitioners. As we continue to progress our training we also feel it beneficial to inform our models of what is happening the other side of the syringe.

Up until this point cosmetic treatments have been independently regulated with no formal structures in place. The introduction of a ‘Level 7 Qualification’ is a movement towards a more standardised level of training for medical professionals considering a career in aesthetic medicine. At Cosmetic Courses we pride ourselves on our high standards of training from our expert trainers and clinical training environments, unfortunately this is not the same with other training providers. This movement is in place to try to ensure the safety of the industry. We believe that a huge aspect of making the aesthetics industry as safe as possible is to educate the individuals like yourselves who are having treatments so that you are aware what is happening, what to look for within a practitioner and the important part you can play in helping to make this a regulated, safe industry.

Here at Cosmetic Courses we launched our Level 7 Certificate last year and during this time we’re pleased to say we’ve had lots of delegates embark on their qualification journey. The qualification has become a large part of what we do and we wanted to take this opportunity to explain what this means for our models!

So what exactly is the Level 7?

In education a ‘level’ of any qualification shows the academic stage of each programme. The Level 7 is deemed as the equivalent to a postgraduate level of education.

2012 was a busy year, we witnessed the PIP breast implant scandal and the increasing demand of non-surgical treatments began to sore. This was the same year that the Department of Health appointed Health Education England (HEE) to review and advise on the regulatory framework in the cosmetic industry. Due to the previous issues with breast implants the Department of Health were concerned that they did not want to see any repeat problems in this increasingly popular industry so they decided to conduct a review of all cosmetic procedures.

The review analysed each treatment, their associated risks and the qualifications required for an individual to perform each non-surgical cosmetic intervention. During this process they also made recommendations on accreditation, qualifications and course delivery to ensure that each aspect was being taught inline with a dedicated framework.

Still with us?

Health Education England has suggested that an appropriate level of training for Botox and Dermal Filler treatments is at a Level 7. Meaning regulation!

This is something which we at Cosmetic Courses are proud to be part of. The aesthetic industry is exciting, fast paced and continues to grow rapidly and as much as we love being front runners in a highly competitive industry we also are passionate about safety and care within it.

What does Level 7 mean for our models?

We are glad you asked. You’ll be happy to hear that Level 7 means… more treatments & more appointments!

The Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine is one of our longest courses, so long that it in fact can take up to a year to complete. Delegates will have to undergo a series of courses and tests in the build up to their final examination.

Along with online training, assignments and examination, delegates will also enrol on to our clinical days where we need our models! The days that will be available for models to book on to will be:

  • Foundation Botox & Dermal Filler Training Days (Upper Face Botox & Filler around the Mouth treatments)
  • Clinical Observation Days: this is where our delegates observe our expert trainers performing the treatments so they can gain first hand knowledge of the procedures
  • Supervised Practice Days: our delegates take the lead on this day, performing 10x Botox & Dermal Filler treatments under the watchful eye of our expert trainers

Which treatment can I have as part of the Level 7 courses?

For Level 7 we train our delegates in combination treatments. This works perfectly for models as it saves time and allows them to get more than one treatment whilst visiting. Models can have the following treatments as part of the Level 7 course days: *

  • Upper face Botox and cheek filler
  • Upper face Botox and lip filler
  • Upper face Botox and filler around the mouth

*Please note that all models attending the Foundation Days can only have upper face Botox and/or filler around the mouth.

If you would like to know more about the Level 7 qualification and book on to one of our upcoming training days as a model please contact us today to register your interest: 01844 390110 / [email protected]