Health and fitness has been at the forefront of this century. Millennials are more interested in green juices and yoga compared to Big Macs and nightclubs. The health industry itself continues to grow leaping from strength to strength in a health conscious world.

The trend is very much to look after our bodies, focusing on what’s inside it rather than what’s covering it.

Our bodies need at least 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to keep it healthy a day. Contrary to popular belief this cannot be consumed through food, drink and supplements alone. Only a small percentage of the needed nutrients make it into our bodies after the digestive system has broken down what has been ingested.

The health conscious have become aware of this, turning to IVNT therapy to help feed their vitamin needs…

What is IVNT?

Back in the 1960’s an American Doctor named John Meyers noticed that the body needed nutrients in order to be at it’s healthiest. It soon became apparent to Meyers that those who are ill also benefited from having nutrients and vitamins reintroduced into their bodies. After extensive investigation he successfully used an IV to administer the required vitamins and minerals into the human body. Vitamins were carried straight into the bloodstream with the use of a cannula. Unlike consuming the nutrients by food or drink, all nutrients in the IV made their way directly into the body. Named the “Meyers’ Cocktail” the IV could treat asthma, migraines, fatigue, muscle spasms plus many more medical conditions.

Since then researchers have found that this way of absorbing nutrients can be personalised to meet individual requirements of the patient. Developing a menu of vitamin “Cocktails” IVNT has been able to personalise IV’s to help all areas of human wellbeing from aging to tiredness and even skin quality.

What are the medical benefits for your patients?

  • Essential nutrients and vitamins are absorbed straight into the bloodstream
  • With the understanding that every individual is different, practitioners can tailor make IV treatment plans to ensure the best results
  • IVNT is proven to be the fastest way to rehydrate the body, a firm favourite in the a-list party circles!
  • When the body has all of the right vitamins, mineral and nutrients, it works to its best
  • IVNT therapy results can be seen up to 60 minutes after treatment and last for days after, practitioners are recommended to set up a 6 week treatment plan to ensure patients keep up with their needed vitamin intake
  • Increase of wellbeing due to the amount of nutrients being delivered giving the patient an all round healthier feeling

IVNT Celebrity Fans…
IVNT Celebrities

What are the benefits of adding IVNT therapy into my practice?

  • Guideline pricing for this treatment is £150- £300 per session, practitioners are recommended to offer a package of 6 treatments to patients to ensure full results are achieved
  • Expand your patient database
  • Offer additional treatments to your patients in between their routine appointments
  • The preparation and administration of the IV itself takes only around 10 minutes of your time. Patients can then relax for the rest of the treatment whilst the nutrients are being absorbed.
  • Everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. With IntraVita there are many treatment options for IV therapy depending on individual goals. Each product is designed to meet a range of different health and well-being needs.
  • Gain competitive edge in your practice
  • Be taught by industry expert Dr Jacques Otto who also designed the course using a combination of lectures, hands on practical and business/marketing advice ensuring you leave with a thorough understanding of IV Nutrition Therapy from your training with us
  • All products in the IntraVita range have been thoroughly researched and tested by a team of leading medical doctors and pharmacists.

IVNT Therapy Training at Cosmetic Courses

Our one day comprehensive course in partnership with IntraVita will cover the understanding of the bodies needs for these vitamins. You will also understand the varieties of vitamin ‘cocktails’ on offer as well as the benefits of each one. The afternoon will comprise of practical demonstrations and hands on experience enabling you to implement IVNT into your practice on successful course completion.

Next Course Date: 

To find out more about this course please visit our course page here, or contact our friendly team on 01844 390110 / [email protected]