We are excited to launch our two brand new skin courses: Rederm – The Injectable Skincare and Microneedling


Rederm – The Injectable Skincare

By using high molecular weight non-cross linked hyaluronic acid combined with succinic acid, Hyalual have created a unique product that has many positive physiological benefits for tissue and skin health.

This half day hands-on course focuses on the benefits of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid over low molecular weight and the positive effect it has on skin quality when combined with succinic acid.

We will look at treating areas that are usually very difficult to treat such as under the eye where the skin is thin, dehydrated and of poor structure, full face, neck and décolletage for skin rejuvenation and lifting and discuss other areas where Rederm is be used effectively.

Rederm hydrates, stimulates collagen and elastin, aids the conversion of glucose to ATP and significantly improves pigmentation.

Price of course: £495 + VAT

Course location: Buckinghamshire

Level: Intermediate

Find out more about the course & upcoming dates here!


Collagen P.I.N.

Cosmetic Courses is proud to offer the Collagen P.I.N. to its list of skin courses. This hands on course will demonstrate the latest in skin rejuvenation, giving enough practical and theory to integrate this unique procedure into your aesthetic clinic.

collagen pin

The Collagen P.I.N. (Percutaneous Induction Needling) is an automated micro-needling device used to produce controlled wounds on the skin. This process activates the bodies own healing mechanism releasing growth factors as well as the patients natural collagen and elastin, resulting in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

The Collagen P.I.N. represents an evolution of the micro-needling process, with three times more needles than many other devices currently on the market. This procedure also causes less damage to the visible outer layer of the skin than traditional dermaroller micro-needling, proving quicker healing times and faster results.

Price of course: £2100 + VAT including Collagen P.I.N., training and tips for 6 treatments

Course location: Buckinghamshire

Level: Beginner

Find out more about the course & upcoming dates here!


If you are interested in training with us and want to find out more you can view all of our courses here or alternatively you can speak to one of our dedicated course coordinators on 01844 390110 or [email protected].

Health and fitness has been at the forefront of this century. Millennials are more interested in green juices and yoga compared to Big Macs and nightclubs. The health industry itself continues to grow leaping from strength to strength in a health conscious world.

The trend is very much to look after our bodies, focusing on what’s inside it rather than what’s covering it.

Our bodies need at least 30 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to keep it healthy a day. Contrary to popular belief this cannot be consumed through food, drink and supplements alone. Only a small percentage of the needed nutrients make it into our bodies after the digestive system has broken down what has been ingested.

The health conscious have become aware of this, turning to IVNT therapy to help feed their vitamin needs…

What is IVNT?

Back in the 1960’s an American Doctor named John Meyers noticed that the body needed nutrients in order to be at it’s healthiest. It soon became apparent to Meyers that those who are ill also benefited from having nutrients and vitamins reintroduced into their bodies. After extensive investigation he successfully used an IV to administer the required vitamins and minerals into the human body. Vitamins were carried straight into the bloodstream with the use of a cannula. Unlike consuming the nutrients by food or drink, all nutrients in the IV made their way directly into the body. Named the “Meyers’ Cocktail” the IV could treat asthma, migraines, fatigue, muscle spasms plus many more medical conditions.

Since then researchers have found that this way of absorbing nutrients can be personalised to meet individual requirements of the patient. Developing a menu of vitamin “Cocktails” IVNT has been able to personalise IV’s to help all areas of human wellbeing from aging to tiredness and even skin quality.

What are the medical benefits for your patients?

  • Essential nutrients and vitamins are absorbed straight into the bloodstream
  • With the understanding that every individual is different, practitioners can tailor make IV treatment plans to ensure the best results
  • IVNT is proven to be the fastest way to rehydrate the body, a firm favourite in the a-list party circles!
  • When the body has all of the right vitamins, mineral and nutrients, it works to its best
  • IVNT therapy results can be seen up to 60 minutes after treatment and last for days after, practitioners are recommended to set up a 6 week treatment plan to ensure patients keep up with their needed vitamin intake
  • Increase of wellbeing due to the amount of nutrients being delivered giving the patient an all round healthier feeling

IVNT Celebrity Fans…
IVNT Celebrities

What are the benefits of adding IVNT therapy into my practice?

  • Guideline pricing for this treatment is £150- £300 per session, practitioners are recommended to offer a package of 6 treatments to patients to ensure full results are achieved
  • Expand your patient database
  • Offer additional treatments to your patients in between their routine appointments
  • The preparation and administration of the IV itself takes only around 10 minutes of your time. Patients can then relax for the rest of the treatment whilst the nutrients are being absorbed.
  • Everyone is unique and so are their nutrient requirements. With IntraVita there are many treatment options for IV therapy depending on individual goals. Each product is designed to meet a range of different health and well-being needs.
  • Gain competitive edge in your practice
  • Be taught by industry expert Dr Jacques Otto who also designed the course using a combination of lectures, hands on practical and business/marketing advice ensuring you leave with a thorough understanding of IV Nutrition Therapy from your training with us
  • All products in the IntraVita range have been thoroughly researched and tested by a team of leading medical doctors and pharmacists.

IVNT Therapy Training at Cosmetic Courses

Our one day comprehensive course in partnership with IntraVita will cover the understanding of the bodies needs for these vitamins. You will also understand the varieties of vitamin ‘cocktails’ on offer as well as the benefits of each one. The afternoon will comprise of practical demonstrations and hands on experience enabling you to implement IVNT into your practice on successful course completion.

Next Course Date: 

To find out more about this course please visit our course page here, or contact our friendly team on 01844 390110 / [email protected] 

The consultation is an incredibly important part of your work. This is where you meet potential patients, find out their needs and begin a treatment plan. There is a lot that must be addressed with a consultation to ensure both patient and practitioner are confident to start their journey together. 

Nowadays anybody, anywhere can access aesthetic treatments. Uninformed decisions can leave patients damaging their bodies whilst trying to conform with celebrity standards. As a practitioner in this area it is your duty to assess each patient as an individual, help them to make informed decisions and be aware that sometimes you need to say the word “no”. You will also need to be able to suggest other treatments which may be more suitable for your patient or even refer to independent specialists.

Nuffield Council on Biothetics Report

Within recent weeks we saw Nuffield Council on Biothetics released a report on “Cosmetic Procedures: Ethical Issues”. A report which we encourage all of our delegates to read. Within this report they address the factors which an individual may make whilst deciding to have treatment. From social media “likes” to virtual reality apps, aesthetic treatments are more apparent now than they ever have been. Valid points are made throughout the report and practitioners are encouraged to open their eyes wider to the reasons people may be coming to them for treatment. In conjunction with our online training module specifically made for consultation advice and guidelines, we support all topics raised and have pin pointed 5 steps to ensure you and your patient get the best out of a consultation.

5 steps for a perfect consultation:

  1. Consent & safety: 

In order for your patient to give consent to any treatment they must make a voluntary, informed decision supported by their own capacity. This is a must as nothing can be done until consent has been agreed. Patients have the right to withdraw their consent at any time and the same goes for a practitioner refusing consent.

  1. Capability & limitations:

Work within your skills and knowledge. Resist feeling pressured by peers or patients to deviate far outside of your comfort zone. We are all bound by our professional bodies conduct and should abide by these within our practice. Feel confident in your practice as your name and reputation are based on the outcome of the treatment.

  1. Psychological: 

As a practitioner you need to have a clear understanding as to why your patient is considering aesthetic treatments. It is important that you listen to their concerns and are aware of the outcome they are hoping to achieve. Assess the situation. What is their reason for treatment? Are they making this decision due to peer pressure or a possible psychological reason? Do they have realistic expectations and do you feel you are the right practitioner for them?  You must conduct a duty of care to your patients and to refuse treatment where you see best.

  1. Communication: 

The goal is to make your patient understand everything about the decision and treatment even if it is a refusal to do it. You must spend time talking through every step of the process including the treatment process, aftercare, possible complications and include previous before and after photos where you can. The greater knowledge and understanding of the procedure your patient has, the more informed decision they will make. This will also help to prevent post-procedure regret.

  1. Do not rush: 

We advise that you do not rush into treatment and allow both yourself and the patient time to consider the treatment. We also recommend that for continuity of care your patient should see the same practitioner throughout the process. This will help build a strong patient and practitioner relationship and will also help to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Cosmetic Courses Online Training Academy

Why enrol to Cosmetic Courses Online Academy?

  • Learn key areas of aesthetic medicine including pharmacology, anatomy, consultation skills, managing possible complications and much more
  • You can complete the course anywhere in your own time
  • You can regularly refer back to specific modules when needed
  • Built on the philosophy of blended learning, the courses are created to keep the interest of the delegate and meet all learning needs
  • There are games and quizzes throughout the modules to test your knowledge and an end of course test to show successful completion
  • The unique “Contact your Mentor” feature gives you access to our team for advice and help
  • 8 modules including a short course introduction into Botox & dermal fillers
  • Level 7 online training modules included within the academy


Find out more about our online training academy by clicking here or speak to a member of our friendly team on 01844 390110 or [email protected] 



We understand that as a medical professional your life can be rather hectic. We want to learn but we want to learn fast! Which is why we have launched our brand new online training academy. This is a great way to further your knowledge within the Aesthetic Industry as well as providing a resource for you to refer back to 24/7, ensuring you feel confident in your practice!

To kick start our online academy we have the following two courses available:

1. Introduction to Botulinum Toxin Type A

The first of our online courses is an Introduction to Botulinum Toxin Type A. A great course if you are starting off in the Aesthetic Industry to further your knowledge of Botulinum Toxin Type A.  Although an excellent introductory course, it’s also beneficial if you are wanting to refresh your knowledge in this area.

The course itself takes around 30 minutes to complete from start to finish but can be done through various sittings. At the end of the course there is a short online test which on successful completion will award you a certificate.

Within the course there are 10 pods including: 

  • Pharmacology
  • Reconstitution & preparation
  • Dosages
  • Contraindications
  • Patient information and aftercare sheets
  • Games & quizzes to test your knowledge

2. Introduction to Dermal Fillers

The second of our online courses is an Introduction to Dermal Fillers. A topic that naturally goes hand in hand with our botulinum toxin training above.

The course is laid out in a similar format to the Introduction to Botulinum Toxin Type A module with 10 pods to navigate through ending with a multiple choice test to assess your knowledge.

This module will teach you how the dermal fillers work, where it can be used and the relevant contraindications to it’s use.

The 10 pods include the following:

  • Outline of the different types of fillers & patient selection
  • Pharmacology of dermal fillers & Hyaluronidase
  • Contraindications to dermal fillers & Hyaluronidase
  • Patient information & aftercare sheets
  • Games & quizzes to test your knowledge

Online Learning with Cosmetic Courses

We have combined a variety of learning elements to ensure this course is practical and beneficial for all users.

On successful completion of the courses, you are awarded a certificate and have the option to go back and look through the pods at any time.

There’s no middle man to our online courses either, you can sign in at the top of our website and any problems or queries come directly to us. So we can help you take your next steps within the aesthetic industry!

“I found the online course extremely beneficial for my learning and development in this fast paced industry. The layout and design were pleasing to the eye with great content to match. I especially love how you can refer back to the pods at anytime, even after you have completed the course!”

Want to know more about online training and enroll?

Speak to a member of our friendly team now, they will set up your account and get the ball rolling for your successful completion of our online courses.  Each of our online courses are £50 + VAT but if you would like to purchase both modules together this is currently on offer for £85 + VAT for the two modules.

Visit our brand new online learning page to find out more about the courses on offer to support your aesthetic learning! 

To take advantage of this offer and purchase your online course please call or email us on: 01844 390110 / [email protected]


In a competitive marketplace like aesthetics, it’s a good idea to pursue any extra training that will help shore up your credentials. And a great way to set yourself apart from other practitioners is by drilling down into more specialist treatments.

If you’re an ambitious aesthetic practitioner, it goes without saying that pursuing more advanced courses will enhance your reputation with potential patients.

Firstly, you’ll gain their trust as an expert who knows their stuff. And secondly, it’ll broaden your repertoire of treatments to offer them. They might come to you for one treatment, but stick around for others after getting great results.

Expert credentials + wide repertoire of treatments = healthy profits

Learning advanced techniques can be a real goldmine for your business, offering you vital new sources of revenue to help fuel your growth.

And because we know the value of advanced training – particularly for new practitioners seeking to get established – we’ve added some new specialist training courses to our programme. 

Last month we launched our specialist Tear Trough training course, which has been well received by our delegates. And our newest addition is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty training.

3 great reasons to train in Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

1. It’s relatively easy to incorporate into your business

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty makes a fairly easy add-on to your existing practice. If you’ve already trained in dermal fillers, particularly advanced dermal fillers, it’ll be relatively straightforward for you to adapt what you’ve learned and apply it in a new way.

You’ll already have a good grounding in the techniques, so it’ll be a case of learning about the specific anatomy of the nose, the facial angles and how treatment can affect them. (Click to see our full Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty training programme.)

2. It’s particularly profitable

Once you’ve trained, treatment could make a very profitable addition to your practice.

We’ve recently started offering the Non-Surgical Nose Job at our sister company Aurora Skin Clinics, charging £500 per treatment. 

When you consider that treatment can take as little as 15 minutes, it makes for a very impressive profit-to-treatment-time ratio – better than standard dermal filler treatments.

3. There’s good potential for growth 

While surgical rhinoplasty remains a popular choice, the total performed in the UK fell by 24% last year – the biggest drop of all major cosmetic procedures.

And as we reported on the blog a few weeks ago, ISAPS have revealed stats which show that non-surgical treatments are growing faster than surgery.

So there’s plenty of reason to think that demand for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty will continue to grow, as patients who may have opted for surgery increasingly choose the non-surgical option instead.

Our Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty training is offered by leading specialist and UK Allergan ambassador Mr Ash Labib. For more information on the course, or to book your place, please get in touch with the team.

Cosmetic Courses: banner showing an introduction to Tear Trough Training


Cosmetic Courses are delighted to announce our brand new peri-orbital training course, otherwise known as Tear Trough Training!  

What is a Tear Trough deformity?

Tear trough deformity is diagnosed by a sunken appearance that results in the casting of a dark shadow over the lower eyelid, sometimes giving a fatigued appearance even if recommended amount of sleep is achieved. Dark circles can also be present, however there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when these are first noticed. Changes in the skins thickness, laxity and hyperpigmentation can also play a role in creating dark circles.
Tear troughs can also be described as a depression centred over the medial inferior orbital rim and bounded by the infraorbital protuberance. As people age, infraorbital fat starts to displace anteriorly, and is more commonly known as ‘eyebags’. This bulge can become deeper over time, and become more pronounced due to loss of soft tissue and osseous support.

What treatments are available?

The peri-orbital area is one that many individuals are concerned about and would like to be treated, but it is also one of the most challenging. Traditional techniques for treating the tear trough area have been removing the skin, muscle and fat surgically, as well as skin rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels for those that wish to not go down a surgical route. In recent years, non-surgical volumising treatments such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxin have been introduced to restore the volume rather than remove it. This treatment is less invasive than having surgery with instant results and minimal downtime for the patient, and with a 150% mark-up per patient for clinics, the earning potential speaks volumes! One of the techniques used would be injecting dermal fillers using a cannula, a safer and more controlled way to treat this intricate and delicate area.

What are the benefits of tear trough training?

• There is a high client demand for this treatment as the peri-orbital region is the focal point of the face
• This advanced treatment will keep you way ahead of the competition
• With a potential 150% mark-up per patient, the earning potential is huge

Why attend training with Cosmetic Courses?

With 13 years of experience in medical aesthetic training for registered Doctors, Dentists and Nurses, there are numerous reasons why you should complete your peri-orbital training with us:

• Our training in this treatment focuses on the entire peri-orbital region, not just the tear trough, making it a unique course to others
• We offer a small ratio of delegates to trainers to ensure you build up the confidence to go straight out and practice

• All models and resources are provided by us making it a completely hassle-free training day

• We offer a balance of theoretical and practical hands-on teaching to ensure a complete understanding of the techniques are learned

Our next tear trough training day is on Wednesday 1st July 2015 at the Paddocks BMI Hospital in Buckinghamshire. If you would like to receive any more information about the course, please call 01844 390110 or email our course co-coordinators, [email protected] to book  your place now.

For a more in depth discussion on Dermal filler treatments for Tear Trough Deformity, please click here for the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.

We’re delighted to announce the addition of an exciting new training course to our programme. We’re now able to offer training in the innovative 8 Point Lift – with our next course on 22nd September.

The technique is also known as the Liquid Lift, Fluid Facelift or Non-Surgical Facelift, and takes a more holistic approach to facial revolumising using dermal fillers.

Where the standard approach to facial revolumising involves injecting fillers into localised areas where the need for volume is most evident – for example, plumping up thinning lips or filling nasolabial folds – the 8 Point Lift takes a more comprehensive approach that is individually tailored to each patient.

Looking at the face as a whole, the practitioner treats not only the locally affected areas (the symptoms of volume loss), but addresses the root cause – a loss of volume throughout the mid and lower face.

What does 8 Point Lift treatment involve?

The treatment uses Allergan’s 2nd generation VYCROSS™ range of advanced dermal fillers, which are injected at eight key points on each side of the face.

In one appointment, the practitioner adds volume to the cheeks, softens nasolabial folds, lifts the corners of the mouth and firms the jawline and jowl area, giving the patient’s entire mid to lower face a noticeable lift.

Because the 8 Point Lift is individualised to each patient, with injections precisely adapted to fit the patient’s profile, the results are natural and in complete harmony with the face.

Results should be visible around 1-2 weeks after treatment, and can last for up to 18 months – longer than regular filler treatments.

Why add the treatment to your repertoire?

The treatment is incredibly popular in the USA and Brazil (where it was created by plastic surgeon Mauricio De Maio), and has only recently made its way to British shores.

There are currently a limited number of UK clinics offering the treatment, so training in the technique offers a great opportunity to enhance your reputation as a forward-thinking practitioner, and inevitably boost profits at your practice.



For more information on our 8 Point Lift training, please contact us on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].

With a spanking brand New Year upon us it is, for many, a time to reflect on their life and if they need to make any changes to it. This often comes in the form of New Year’s resolutions, for example taking up regular exercise, quitting smoking or taking up meditation. Others use it to examine their lives more closely overall and to set about making major changes if need be.

This includes looking at their level of satisfaction within both their personal and their professional lives, and also the balance of the two. One result of such reflection may be a career change for the new year. Many people simply trudge through jobs to pay the mortgage and bills while not necessarily enjoying what they do. But does this have to be the case? It’s more than possible to re-train and undertake a new career, whatever your age.

If this sounds like you and you too are considering a fresh new start you need to be a bit organised about it first. Initially, draw up a list of areas that you are interested in, where your natural abilities lie and any transferable skills you have built up from your existing career that you will be able to bring to a new one. After this list, create a more specific list of possible routes you feel naturally drawn towards, then list your skill set and any area of expertise. Then draw up a list of potential careers that match those answers to some degree.

Next you need to plan how you might put this in to practice. A career change takes a lot of commitment and hard work, and in order for it to be successful it does need proper planning and re-training where required. You will have to decide if your current situation allows you the freedom of time and finances in order to fund training in a particular area.

Many nurses come to us to re-train as skin care specialists within the beauty sector. This is a great example of using a current skill set in a new way. Expertise includes the care of patients and also the use of medical equipment and substances. Re-training is not too time-consuming or expensive and so it is still possible to achieve while working as a nurse.

If you are considering a change of direction this year, we can help. We have recently added several new courses to our programme, and our team would be more than happy to discuss your options with you. For advice on how Cosmetic Courses could help you plan your new career, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01844 3901110 or email [email protected].

Happy New Year!

So I’ve done my Botox Training…now what?

Gaining thorough, high-quality training in medical aesthetic treatments like Botox, Dermal Fillers, Dermaroller Therapy and Skin Peels is only the beginning. Once you have these skills and are confident that your techniques are sufficiently advanced to be competent providing treatments to the public, what now?

Time to start Marketing your Business

Whether you already have an established practice and are adding medical aesthetic treatments to your repertoire, or are starting your business from scratch, your skills and expertise will never translate into profit without a fantastic reputation – or brilliant marketing! Both of these factors are interlinked: as your client base grows, they will start to spread the word amongst themselves and so your reputation will grow, too. But first you need to attract the initial streams of patients.

Marketing can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know where to begin. There are many business sharks out there, eager to profiteer from the common knowledge that medical aestheticians are not necessarily marketing and technology savvy.

Marketing and Technology savvy?

Yes. These days, the two are well and truly interlinked.

Whilst some forms of offline marketing – adverts and features in local magazines and newspapers, fliers or posters – may serve you well, the wider market is lurking online. You have the potential to reach much greater numbers, further afield and at a lower cost. If you get it right.

Where to start?

There are a few bog-standard basics that Cosmetic Courses recommend for delegates looking to market their medical aesthetic business:
1. Create a brand, not just a business
Spend time choosing a catchy name and slogan, design an eyecatching logo and be consistent with colour-schemes from stationary to sites. The objective is to establish branding instantly recognisable and so compelling that prospective patients choose you over your competition.
2. Get socialising:
Social media is a very powerful tool for networking, creating your brand image and engaging prospective patients. First you need to identify where the majority of your patients ‘hang out’ – is it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube or Google+? Very few small business owners have time to juggle all these accounts so maybe just focus on one or two for best results. Each has strengths and weaknesses unique to the medical aesthetic industry – look out for more on this in a future Cosmetic Courses blog!
3. Don’t just say it, Blog it!
A blog is a great way to create a more personal voice for your company, let patients know what is happening, what offers you are doing and what you are thinking.
4. SEOk
SEO (or search engine optimisation) is vital to making sure your website works to pull in patients. Combined with social media and creating lots of new content through your blog and on your website pages themselves, SEO involves researching keywords to see which are most popular with your patients when they search online. You then need to make sure all your pages frequently mention these words: in a natural-sounding way! There’s quite a knack to this and there are many hints’n’tips tutorials online…or you can get Cosmetic Courses to give you some training!
5. Make Links
Inbound link-building can boost the visibility of your site on search engines and help you network with other sites. There are lots of ways of getting links to your site…but you need to be aiming for high quality, relevant links, not tons of cheap ones from sales sites that are nothing to do with yours!

These 5 business marketing pointers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using digital for your medical aesthetic business. There are also many factors specific to the cosmetic industry which need to be borne in mind.

If you would like some training in business marketial traning for your medical aesthetic business, why not consider a business marketing training course with Cosmetic Courses? With expert guest speakers, hints and tips a-plenty and lots of ongoing support after the initial training, it could be just what you need to get your business off the ground! Contact us on 0845 230 4110 or [email protected] for more details about upcoming dates and availability.

Question :
I have a patient presenting with brown spots and age marks on her cheeks. She has had these for several years now, along with open pores and acne scars on both her nose and face. She is alsoGenuine Dermaroller prone to minor breakouts on a regular basis and was wondering whether Genuine Dermaroller Therapy treatment will give her a clear complexion.

Answer :

Probably the best treatment for your patient is Genuine Dermaroller Therapy, which improves the quality of the skin by stimulating the natural skin tissue. The fibroblasts (cells in your skin) generate a new structure as the skin is stimulated.

BUT it is very important that your patient gets her acne under control before dermaroller treatment can take place otherwise the infection can actually be spread and made worse. Therefore, we would advise that you recommend she sees her GP or a dermatologist to give her some medication, possibly antibiotics for this.

When her active acne is quiet you can definitely consider a dermaroller course of treatment. For more information as to what is involved, please have a look at our Genuine Dermaroller Therapy video.

Who are Cosmetic Courses?

The UK’s leading and longest established training provider created by Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards offering over 50 online and offline courses for medical professionals in all areas of aesthetics.