We’re delighted to announce the addition of an exciting new training course to our programme. We’re now able to offer training in the innovative 8 Point Lift – with our next course on 22nd September.

The technique is also known as the Liquid Lift, Fluid Facelift or Non-Surgical Facelift, and takes a more holistic approach to facial revolumising using dermal fillers.

Where the standard approach to facial revolumising involves injecting fillers into localised areas where the need for volume is most evident – for example, plumping up thinning lips or filling nasolabial folds – the 8 Point Lift takes a more comprehensive approach that is individually tailored to each patient.

Looking at the face as a whole, the practitioner treats not only the locally affected areas (the symptoms of volume loss), but addresses the root cause – a loss of volume throughout the mid and lower face.

What does 8 Point Lift treatment involve?

The treatment uses Allergan’s 2nd generation VYCROSS™ range of advanced dermal fillers, which are injected at eight key points on each side of the face.

In one appointment, the practitioner adds volume to the cheeks, softens nasolabial folds, lifts the corners of the mouth and firms the jawline and jowl area, giving the patient’s entire mid to lower face a noticeable lift.

Because the 8 Point Lift is individualised to each patient, with injections precisely adapted to fit the patient’s profile, the results are natural and in complete harmony with the face.

Results should be visible around 1-2 weeks after treatment, and can last for up to 18 months – longer than regular filler treatments.

Why add the treatment to your repertoire?

The treatment is incredibly popular in the USA and Brazil (where it was created by plastic surgeon Mauricio De Maio), and has only recently made its way to British shores.

There are currently a limited number of UK clinics offering the treatment, so training in the technique offers a great opportunity to enhance your reputation as a forward-thinking practitioner, and inevitably boost profits at your practice.



For more information on our 8 Point Lift training, please contact us on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].