In this short video we see Lead Trainer of Cosmetic Courses and Aesthetic Nurse Mel Recchia answer the FAQ; Which areas can be treated with Botox for excessive sweating?


Botox can be used to treat excessive sweating really in any area you do have to be mindful of the product license, it is only licensed for axillary hyperhidrosis, so excessive sweating under the arms but it can be used on other areas of the body, most commonly under arms, excessive sweating in hands, it can be used on the feet, although feet and hands are quite painful, it is possible to do nerve blocks in both of these areas but I would say for feet especially, it’s probably worth going to a specialist practitioner who can maybe do the nerve blocks as well. When you’re treating hands they generally advise that you treat for the first time the non dominant hand first just to check the outcome of the treatment because it is possible to lose some sensory perception because of the Botox, in the fingertips specifically, but it is actually a very good treatment for hand sweating.

The other areas that you can use it for is forehead or hairline sweating, what you need to be careful there is that you are not also affecting the actual muscles of facial expression while you’re treating. When you’re doing it for excessive sweating purposes you will be using slightly different dilutions and you’ll be placing it in slightly different areas a little bit more superficially than you would if you were actually treating the muscles. Prior to excessive sweating treatment you can carry out what we call an iodine test, so you paint the area with iodine, you cover that area with cornflower and this will show up the areas that are the most full of sweat glands and these areas will go black and that will give you an idea of where you need to do your injections. It’s a very good treatment for excessive sweating and usually actually lasts much longer than for cosmetic purposes so for axillary hyperhidrosis you would expect the results to last for at least six months and often up to a year.

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