There is an ongoing discussion within the medical industry right now about who should be able to perform non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox, chemical peels and fillers. PopularNurses in Aesthetics opinion amongst senior medical staff, as well as industry bodies, is that practitioners should be appropriately qualified medical professionals, Nurses in Aesthetics.

As a result, procedures such as Botox may have to be performed by a doctor, nurse or dentist. Additionally there are calls that such professionals should be qualified in the area they want to practice specifically. Due to this popular way of thinking now may be a good time for nurses to consider branching out in to the cosmetic arena.

Nurses typically make great candidates for practitioners of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Nursing not only has a nurturing aspect to it, but relies on attention to detail and has a number of transferable skills, for example administering injections. Add to this the increasing strain on NHS nurses with tumultuous working conditions and possible pay and pension changes and a switch to the cosmetic field can be an attractive proposition.

Often such a switch will result in better working conditions, more sociable hours and possibly better pay. Because of these factors it’s possible that such a shift is already starting to happen, with more and more nurses registering for courses in medical aesthetics.

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