Question :

Dear Cosmetic Courses,

I have just seen your video on youtube about reconstituting Azzalure and it was very helpful.

I understand the units are not the same as Botox.

Could you point me in the right direction to find what is equivalent?

I have looked at all the Azzalure literature and it looks to me that they are only promoting it for the glabellar area and therefore have only given units for that area.

I am assuming that it is fine for other areas too and wondered if you could give me any guidelines on dosage/units for other areas.

Can you also tell me where you are based.

My initial training was with another leading company. I do a lot of post graduate dental courses and feel I would have preferred a training course that was a bit more professionally presented rather than just a money making machine.



Answer :

Thanks for your question.

Azzalure,  like Vistabel,  is only licensed for use in the glabellar area.

It is, however, given in other areas – the forehead and crows feet –  like Botox and Vistabel.

I tend to make up a syringe of Azzalure with 1ml of bacteriostatic saline and use like Botox.

Azzalure comes in 125 unit vials which is roughy equivalent to 50 units of Botox or Vistabel.

I hope this helps.

Please feel free to contact us again on 0845 230 4110 if we can be of any further help. We are based at the National Cosmetic Training Centre in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire.


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