Botox® Training for Medical Professionals

Whether you are looking to kick-start your career in aesthetics or wanting to build your personal development and professional skills, try our award-winning Botox® training for medical professionals. We offer our foundation course to surgeons, doctors, nurses and dentists who have an up to date registration.

As an established training provider for over 16 years, Cosmetic Courses has trained over 6000 professionals in Botox ® and dermal filler techniques, supporting them to set up their own successful clinics.

Benefits of Enrolling on Botox® and Dermal Filler Training

Botox® and dermal fillers demand is increasingly high, showing to be a beneficial area to train in. The majority of UK cosmetic treatments undergone are non-surgical, so you’ll be entering into a thriving industry that’s set to grow even larger. Our highly qualified team provide all the training and support required, offering their expertise and advice to guide you on your journey into aesthetic medicine.

Benefits include:

  • Gain the skills and confidence to enter aesthetic medicine
  • Become your own boss and work flexible hours
  • Have more control over your career and future
  • Provide the care you want to give – including spending more time with patients
  • Enjoy fewer regulations than when working in the NHS
  • Receive your professional certification at course completion
  • Unlimited support and aftercare are available for both your clinical needs and business

We’ll help you to become fully equipped to forge the career you want in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and aesthetics, whether as a surgeon, nurse, doctor or dentist.

Why Choose Our Botox® and Dermal Filler Training Course?

Combining both practical skills and business knowledge, our popular Botox® and Dermal Filler Course can help you begin to build a career in aesthetics. Our Botox® Training for Medical Professionals will introduce you to basic dermal filler and Botox® treatments (Juvederm and Allergan Botox®) which are highly sought after in the industry, giving you the foundation knowledge you’ll need.

Training involves:

  • A one day course
  • Interactive training in small groups
  • Led & supervised by an expert trainer
  • Practical, hands-on training for dermal filler and Botox injections using live models
  • Fully functioning clinic environment
  • CPD certificate provided on successful completion
  • Held in a number of locations (Belfast, Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and London)
  • Starter kits and supplies available to purchase or order upon completion

You’ll learn everything from facial anatomy and injection techniques to aftercare and how to market your own practice. The CPD certificate you receive is insurance company recognised (we partner with leading aesthetic insurance companies), allowing you to practice the techniques you’ve learned straight away once you have the right insurance in place.

Continue Your Aesthetics Training

You can choose to build on your aesthetics training later on, including our Foundation Follow on Day, bespoke one-to-one course, introduction to lip augmentation and Level 7 Qualification in Injectables (the foundation course is Part 1 of this).

Thousands of medical professionals have put their trust in us thanks to our renowned expert faculty at Cosmetic Courses. A hand-picked team from all different medical backgrounds chosen by Medical Director  and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards.

Book Your Botox Training Course Now

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Are you a Dentist thinking about training in aesthetics? Wondering if a Botox course could be for you?

Here on the Cosmetic Courses website, we’ve spoken at length about the life-changing potential of Botox training courses for Dentists.

In previous blogs, we’ve outlined 4 benefits for Dentists training in Botox & fillers, and shared our Top 3 reasons for Dentists to take a Botox training course.

But we’re not sure it’s really us you should be listening to.

Hear from your fellow Dentists

Now of course we’re going to wax lyrical about our Botox courses for Dentists and how they could help you – that’s our job!

But if you really want to find out how your life could change after Botox training, listening to us isn’t enough. You need to hear from people who have walked the path you’re hoping to walk.

So below, we have two Dentists who took their Botox training with us at Cosmetic Courses. Both have gone on to successful careers in the aesthetics field. We have stayed in touch with both, as they have also joined us to become trainers – two clear-cut cases of the “student becoming the teacher”!

See how they’re doing since they trained with us…

Dr Olha Vorodukyhina

olhaDr Olha Vorodukyhina is a qualified Dentist from Ukraine who trained in several aesthetic treatments with us, starting with Botox & fillers. She now runs her own aesthetic clinic, Shine Medical, in Nottingham, offering both aesthetic dentistry and non-surgical skin treatments.

In our interview with Olha, she talks about her working week, her background and what led her to choose aesthetics.

Meet Dr Olha Vorodukyhina and hear her story here.

Dr Agata Smolen

Agata Smolen Aesthetic Dentist

Cosmetic Courses’ trainer Dr Agata Smolen also shares her story, outlining the benefits of Botox training for Dentists.

Qualifying in dentistry in her native Poland in 2009, she went on to train in advanced Botox and fillers with us, as well as pursuing specialist lip filler training.

She now works with our sister company Aurora Skin Clinics in Northampton alongside her work with us.

In her interview, Agata discusses why Dentists make great aestheticians, and tells us what she most enjoys about her work.

Meet Dr Agata Smolen and hear her story here.

Find out more about Botox training for Dentists

Established since 2002, Cosmetic Courses offer expert Botox courses for Dentists. Our experienced trainers also offer accredited dermal filler training for Dentists, alongside a wide range of aesthetic training courses for qualified medical professionals. For information on our training, or to book a place on a course, please give us a call on 01844 318317 or email us at [email protected].

An enterprising dental practice in Carlisle has come up with a cunning plan to make treatment more accessible to patients.

The Centre for Dentistry has applied to Carlisle City Council to convert part of the Sainsbury’s in Caldewgate to a dental surgery.

But not just any dental surgery.

The plan is to offer cosmetic treatments, including chemical peels and Botox, to shoppers in the store.

Dentists and Botox alongside the beans

Thanks to a long-standing partnership, the business already operates in 25 Sainsbury’s stores around the UK. But if given the go-ahead, the Carlisle surgery will be the first to offer aesthetic treatments.

Subject to approval by councillors, the surgery will be open from Monday to Saturday, with an emergency clinic on Sundays. It will be in a prime position right at the front of the store.

The firm bills itself as “a new and very different kind of dental practice offering general, cosmetic and specialist dentistry to all”. And with innovative plans like these it’s hard to disagree.

Any Botox for you today Madam?

Offering Botox and other non-surgical treatments in the reassuringly familiar surroundings of the supermarket will no doubt help to demystify the treatments.

What once required a daunting trip to a specialist skin clinic will become as routine as picking up something for dinner.

Add in the sheer convenience of being situated somewhere people return time and time again and it seems likely shoppers will be tempted to give treatment a try.

A spokesman for the company said: “Our practices are situated conveniently in selected Sainsbury’s supermarkets throughout the UK. By working in a close partnership with Sainsbury’s, we can provide highly convenient, friendly and complete dental services.

“This is a good alternative to expensive, privately run high street dentists or busy NHS dentists with long waiting lists.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “The Centre for Dentistry are progressing plans for a new site and we look forward to planning decision in the near future.”

Cosmetic Courses have been bringing Dentists and Botox together since 2002, with our expert Botox courses for Dentists. For information on any of our training courses, please call the team on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].




Are you a dentist thinking about moving into facial aesthetics? Our courses have been helping dentists launch aesthetic careers since 2002. One of those dentists, Dr Agata Smolen, now works with our sister company Aurora Skin Clinics in Northampton.

Here Dr Agata Smolen talks about the benefits of Botox training for dentists.

Tell us about your background

I graduated in dentistry in Poland in 2009, and worked as a dental associate for 4 years before moving to England. I went to Bristol first, then settled in Oxford. I now work full-time as a dentist, splitting my week between Oxford and Lechlade. Two Saturdays a month I offer aesthetic treatments at Aurora in Northampton.

Why did you decide to train in aesthetics?

Largely because of my work with cosmetic dentistry. Seeing the joy it brought when I improved areas people were concerned about made me think of other ways I could help.

How did you hear about Cosmetic Courses?

I found them online. I Googled ‘Botox training for dentists’ and they were one of the first pages. After exploring the website, I knew they were right for me. They had fantastic feedback from delegates, a great team, convenient location and a good variety of courses and dates.

Which courses did you take?

I started with foundation Botox and Fillers, then added the Lip Specialist day. I came back for advanced Botox and Fillers, which is when Adrian offered me a position with Aurora.

What was your training like?

I really enjoyed my courses, learned lots and met some amazing people. I had all the time I needed and could ask the trainers anything. The whole team were always willing to help. Patient and professional with both patients and students.

What do you enjoy most about aesthetics?

Aesthetic work has lots in common with dentistry. It feels great to boost someone’s confidence by improving something they’re unhappy with. Our face is our first impression, and changing one detail can make a huge difference. For me it’s a privilege to help make that happen.

Would you recommend Botox training for dentists?

Aesthetic medicine complements dentistry perfectly. When dentists look at someone, teeth aren’t all we see. It’s the face as a whole. The beauty of Botox training for dentists is that it helps us treat patients holistically, improving the entire face. You already have the necessary manual skills (working with injections every day), and a good aesthetic eye. Aesthetic medicine is the logical next step!

For more information on Botox training for dentists, please feel free to contact the team.

Are you a dentist looking for more from your career? Perhaps you’d like to continue using your practical skills and aesthetic eye, but in a new way – and increasing your income in the process?

At Cosmetic Courses, we’ve spent the last 15 years training dentists in Botox and Dermal Filler techniques. Some were looking to offer aesthetic treatments part-time alongside their existing practice, and others were looking for a complete career change.

If you are a dentist thinking about your next move, read on to find out what aesthetic training could do for you.

The top 3 ways a Botox training course could enhance your career

 1. You can offer Botox treatment as an additional service to your dental patients

Some dentists we train are looking to add Botox and dermal filler treatments around the mouth to their existing portfolio, so they can enhance the dental service they provide. Treatment to add volume to lips, improve nasiolabial folds and reduce marionette lines can be combined with dental treatment to give patients a more dramatic improvement to the entire mouth area. This is probably the ‘easiest win’ as it represents a brand new revenue stream from your existing client base.

 2. You can attract a whole new clientele looking purely for aesthetic treatments

Non-surgical procedures like Botox and dermal fillers can attract new patients who would not have come to your practice for dental treatment alone. These patients may come to you for aesthetic treatment in the first instance, and once they have built up a relationship with you, may also choose you for their dental treatment. Expanding your aesthetic repertoire further to include treatments that complement Botox and fillers, for example Dermaroller and Chemical Peels, will give your patients even more reasons to keep coming back to you.

 3.  You can train up colleagues within your practice to perform the techniques

When you have completed your own Botox training course, you will be able to instruct your fellow dentists in the techniques. Lots of our dental delegates at Cosmetic Courses have gone on to train other dentists and hygienists within their practice in non-surgical treatments.

Having more colleagues trained in the techniques will not only increase your capacity to offer aesthetic treatments at your practice, it’ll give you the flexibility to go off and learn more aesthetic techniques while your colleagues ‘hold the fort’. You’ll also be better placed to respond to patient demand, adjusting the balance of your dental and aesthetic appointments to meet patients’ needs. If more people are looking for aesthetic treatments than dental appointments, you’ll be able to accommodate them – and crucially, have a constant revenue stream.

For more information on our Botox training courses, or any of our programme of aesthetic training courses, please contact the team on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].



It’s important for every practising medical aesthetic professional to undertake training to administer Botox and fillers, though it may be that a refresher course along the way could also prove useful.

How do you know if you could benefit from it? If you have worked in the aesthetics industry but have taken a break from it recently, the chances are that a refresher course will be the right course of action for you.

It may be that you have left the profession for a maternity break, or perhaps moved temporarily to another specialism. In which case it will not only help to brush up on techniques but will be vital in restoring any confidence that may have been lost as a result of absence from the industry.

It can also provide a worthwhile exercise for those who have not had a break from the profession, if not just to compare techniques with others but also learn any newer ideas with regards how to administer such treatments. It may simply provide a fresh way of looking at procedures, or how to get the very best out of them.

Cosmetic Courses offer Botox training and refresher courses to medical professionals, including doctors, dentists and nurses. For more information, contact the team on 01844 390110.

Falling inline with the General Medical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the GDC have now issued guidelines against remote prescribing of Botox by dentists.

In fact, the statement issued in October forebade remote prescribing for the provision of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in any form. The prescription or administration of Botox or injectable cosmetic medicinal products falls under this category.

Until this stage, whilst reputable organisations and training centres like Cosmetic Courses would have generally advised against dentists becoming involved in such practices, there was grey area as to whether their counselling body specifically ruled against remote prescribing or not.

As such, concerns had arisen that some registrants may be using remote prescribing inappropriately. There have also been reports of networks of dental clinics which have started offering aesthetic treatments (Botox and dermal fillers etc.) with aesthetic nurses obtaining their product under the remote prescription of particular dentists: this will now have to be re-evaluated as all patients being treated with the product require consultation with the actual practitioner providing the prescription.

If you need advice about remote prescribing, your eligibility to obtain product after training or about Botox training in general, Cosmetic Courses will be delighted to help. We have a number of Botox training courses for dentists and can advise about how the GDC announcement may effect you and your clinic. Simply call 0845 230 4110.

I am already an experienced doctor or surgeon: can I skip the foundation level course?

At Cosmetic Courses, we frequently receive enquiries from potential delegates wanting to know whether they can skip the foundation level medical aesthetic training (botulinum toxin training with an introduction to dermal fillers) and go straight to the advanced level techniques (such as brow lift, Nefertiti neck lift, platysmal bands, hyperhidrosis etc.) This question is usually posed by doctors or even surgeons who are very highly qualifed, so feel that the foundation course might be too simple for them and cover ground they already know.

However, we do strongly believe that all our medical professional delegates, regardless of sector or experience, need to start with the Foundation course. This is not to say that the Foundation course you do cannot be tailored specifically to your level and ability. We have good logic for this reasoning, which we shall explain in this Blog:

  1. Although you may be very experienced within your own field, medical aesthetics is quite a different approach (technically and theoretically) to other medical professions. Quite often it is the most highly trained doctors who find they need to go over the groundwork in skin structure again! Sometimes you might have covered the necessary theories, but a long time ago during your initial degree or you may have approached them at a different angle to the way you will need them for aesthetics. Having a refresher can only benefit your understanding and ability to deliver fantastic results to your patients.
  2. There is a much wider gap between the Foundation Level course and the Advanced Techniques course than many initial enquirers realise. It is only when we begin to explain the extent of the techniques and theories that we cover on this course that they see there may actually be a need for some homework in between the two in order to be confident enough with the required theory and methods to achieve good results. In fact, many of our delegates choose to attend 1-1 courses with Cosmetic Courses in between their Foundation and Advanced courses, to brush up on techniques they are unsure of before taking the next big step.
  3. Cosmetic Courses do actually certify you in competence after each course so we have a duty to know that each of our delegates have the Foundation grounding in place before we can progress you to the next level. Whilst the vast majority of our delegates are entirely honest, highly qualified and skilled practitioners, there are always those who will try to claim they have more ability than they do. Therefore, we have to assess this level of medical aesthetic competence in order to be sure that we are certifying fantastic injectors to go out into the world and practice!
  4. Cosmetic Courses have a reputation for excellence and very high standards of training. This benefits you in that the delegates we train are also associated with high standards of medical aesthetic ability. In order to maintain this, however, we need to be very rigorous about our training procedures and ensure that everybody follows each step of the courses.
  5. We do not want anybody to be frustrated, however, by material which they already feel they know or to believe that they are wasting time and money. Please be assured that Cosmetic Courses are experts at tailoring courses to suit individuals’ needs. If you feel that you are at a higher level than a typical Foundation Level delegate, simply give us a call on 01844 390 110 and explain your experience and knowledge. We can then work with you to put together a tailored foundation level package incorporating new angles, theories and techniques or focusing on areas which you feel you are less confident about.

Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training

So you have completed your Foundation Level Introduction to Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers. You’ve gone away and practiced all you learned and now you’re chomping at the bit to discover more techniques, right?

An Advanced Cosmetic Training Course is the ideal way to pick your basic skills up a level and add procedures like Cheek Sculpting, Platysmal Bands, Brow Lift and Hyperhidrosis to your repertoire. In this Blog, we will discuss the Brow Lift.

Brow Lift Treatment
As we age, gravity causes the eyebrows (brow) to move downwards.  We compensate for this by contracting the muscle which raises the eyebrows.  Contraction of this muscle causes wrinkle lines across the forehead.  Eventually the muscle relaxes and the eyebrows become lower.  This typically makes you look slightly sad and tired.  It can also increase the fold on the upper eyelid making it difficult to apply makeup.

Brow lift treatments are aimed at elevating the eyebrows.  This widens the eyes and makes you look less tired.  After surgery people are often asked if they have been on holiday as they look refreshed.  The effects are subtle and most people will not be able to pinpoint the exact change in you but will notice that you look fresher.

The eyebrow in females should be gently arched with its’ highest point lying 2/3rds of the way out from the centre.  In men the eyebrows are usually flatter and raising them is not usually appropriate as this can make them look slightly surprised.

In the past, the only satisfactory way to perform Brow lifts was with a surgery operation.  This procedure is normally carried out by keyhole surgery.  Small incisions are made within the hairline and the tissue is gently separated allowing the eyebrows to rise.  Most people recover quickly from the procedure and are back at work within 10 days.

Brow Lift Injections
More recently, however, medical aesthetic injection techniques have been used to lift the eyebrows.  Selectively weakening the muscles which pull down the eyebrows (using Botulinum Toxin) will result in them rising.  The muscles which pull down the inner part of the eyebrows cause frowning in the centre of the forehead.  The muscles which pull down the outer part of the eyebrows cause the crows-feet smile lines which occur on the temple on the side of the eye.

Unlike surgery, injections to weaken these muscles can be performed as a quick and easy outpatient procedure. Many people have the treatment during work breaks or at the end of the day.  The effects are not immediate with most people noticing a gradual decrease in the frown and crows feet wrinkles a week following treatment.  This effect last between 4-6 months and will need to be repeated.  Usually after a 3 treatments in a year the muscles relax more permanently and the effect last for longer and longer.

It is important to remember that everybody’s face is different and the consultation process is important to assess which treatment is most suitable for your patient.  This should ideally start with a skin analysis and discussion of the treatments available.

If you are interested in learning Brow Lift injectable techniques and other Advanced Medical Aesthetic Techniques, call Cosmetic Courses Training on 0800 328 5743. Alternatively, you can learn more about our advanced level training on our website.

Dear Cosmetic Courses,
Can you go on holiday to a very hot country 4 days after receiving Azzalure treatment?

The product information says to avoid direct sunlight for a week: how necessary is this and do you have any reassuring advice or tips for patients?

Cosmetic Courses Answer:
Thank you for your really good question about whether you can use Azzalure and then the patient go off on holiday.

Our general advice is that it should be absolutely fine. At Cosmetic Courses, we do get asked questions about people going up in planes following Azzalure treatment but this isn’t really a problem: lots of air stewardess’ have Botox and Dermal Filler treatments.

Regarding sunshine exposure on the small incisions where the needle went in, again we would advise that this is fine but we would advise patients to wear a Clinical-strength sunblock (Cosmetic Courses recommend the Heliocare range for maximum protection) on their face, which they should be doing anyway if they are going to a warm country.

Overall, not a problem at all performing Azzalure on people that are going abroad 4 days later: it is quite commonly performed. Sunblock is a good idea but in the first 74 hours following Azzalure treatment we encourage them to refrain from anything that raises their blood pressure too much, so travelling immediately after the injection wouldn’t be ideal.

Thanks very much for for sending in such an interesting Frequently Asked Question.

The Cosmetic Courses Team

If you are a medical professional interested in training to treat patients in Azzalure, Cosmetic Courses are one of the top UK medical aesthetic training providers. Contact us on 0845 230 4110 to discuss your training with our helpful team.

Or, if YOU have a question you would like our team of experts to answer, why not call our 24/7 Sipgate Helpline on 0870 4907385 for a personalised answer like the one above!