Dear Cosmetic Courses,
Can you go on holiday to a very hot country 4 days after receiving Azzalure treatment?

The product information says to avoid direct sunlight for a week: how necessary is this and do you have any reassuring advice or tips for patients?

Cosmetic Courses Answer:
Thank you for your really good question about whether you can use Azzalure and then the patient go off on holiday.

Our general advice is that it should be absolutely fine. At Cosmetic Courses, we do get asked questions about people going up in planes following Azzalure treatment but this isn’t really a problem: lots of air stewardess’ have Botox and Dermal Filler treatments.

Regarding sunshine exposure on the small incisions where the needle went in, again we would advise that this is fine but we would advise patients to wear a Clinical-strength sunblock (Cosmetic Courses recommend the Heliocare range for maximum protection) on their face, which they should be doing anyway if they are going to a warm country.

Overall, not a problem at all performing Azzalure on people that are going abroad 4 days later: it is quite commonly performed. Sunblock is a good idea but in the first 74 hours following Azzalure treatment we encourage them to refrain from anything that raises their blood pressure too much, so travelling immediately after the injection wouldn’t be ideal.

Thanks very much for for sending in such an interesting Frequently Asked Question.

The Cosmetic Courses Team

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