Are you a doctor considering a career move into facial aesthetics? Since 2002 we have trained and mentored thousands of doctors, allowing them to establish a successful career in medical aesthetics. An example of this is Dr Kalpna Pindolia, who recently attended a Refresher Botox and Dermal Filler training course with the team here at Cosmetic Courses and has now set up her clinic; Envisage Aesthetics.

Read on as Kalpna discusses her journey into aesthetics and offers some advice if you’re a doctor considering this type of career move.

What is your background?

I am a registered Doctor working in Emergency Medicine. Alongside this I am now a mobile Aesthetic Doctor for my own clinic; Envisage Aesthetics.

Why did you decide to move into facial aesthetics?

My main aim was to have a better work-life balance and I have always wanted to establish and maintain my own independent business. I knew facial aesthetics would provide me with both of these things.

Why did you decide to train with Cosmetic Courses?

They had glowing testimonials and the personal interactions with their caring team were amazing. They offer high quality training with experienced practitioners within the context of ongoing support with your career progression. It was excellent value for money.

How did you find your training experience?

My training with Cosmetic Courses was simply excellent. I had an experienced and approachable practitioner, in a dedicated clinic environment, with models provided by Cosmetic Courses for clinical practice.

What do you enjoy most about your aesthetic work?

One area of my aesthetic work that I enjoy is practising high standards of communication in a privately-led environment for the process of informed consent. This, as well as the artistry involved which complements the clinical skills required for the process of getting achievable results. I also like establishing effective professional relationships with clients in the long term in order to address their needs over time.

What would you say to other doctors thinking about training in aesthetics?

Training in Botox and Dermal Fillers is a fantastic opportunity to achieve a work-life balance whilst still using your clinical expertise – including communication skills, practical techniques and running your own business. It is not an easy option, but very rewarding if you are willing to put in the time, effort and enthusiasm.

Aesthetic Training for Doctors

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in medical aesthetics or simply want to find out more information on our Botox and dermal filler training courses, please feel free to contact our course co-ordinators who would be more than happy to assist you.


Damien, a medical Doctor from Antigua, came to Cosmetic Courses to pursue his career in aesthetics. After completing almost every course on our training programme, here he talks about the benefits of aesthetic training for Doctors and reflects on his time with us.

Tell us about your professional background

I’m a young businessman and qualified medical Doctor from the Caribbean. I’m currently working in the field of tourist/travel medicine, but preparing to move into aesthetics.

Why did you decide to train in aesthetics?

I was introduced to the idea by a friend who had a keen interest. As I was about to visit the UK to pursue some training in travel medicine, I decided to make the most of my time here and train in aesthetics too. I realised it was a virgin market back home, so there was a great opportunity to capitalise on it.

What attracted you to Cosmetic Courses?

I searched online and Cosmetic Courses was the company that most impressed me. There were a few others I looked at, but they didn’t seem to be very organised, and didn’t offer all the information I was looking for. You guys had thought of everything.

How many other providers did you consider?

I actually had my whole office looking! I think there were about 6 different firms. That was shortlisted to 3, then shortlisted to 2, then you guys won.

Which courses did you attend?

There are so many! Technically it’s all of them except for Lower Face Botox and Microsclerotherapy.

What did you think of the quality of our training?

Marvellous. The trainers are very experienced. I liked the fact that because they’re treating people in their practice every day they were able to tell you “do this, do that, don’t do this” and would also explain why. I feel it’s given me the confidence to make my own judgments and decisions as to the best approach to take with my patients.

What’s the biggest benefit of aesthetic training for Doctors?

Networking. Since training, my network has grown tremendously. I feel very well equipped to move into this exciting new industry.

Do you feel confident to pursue this in the future?


Compared to other courses you’ve attended, how would you rate our training?

High up, very high up!

What are the next steps following your training?

Getting a business plan in place first. Then I’ll be talking to my investors, securing some finance – and making some money!

Where do you see your practice in 3 years time?

Hopefully by then I’ll have managed to spread to about 2 or 3 other islands.

Would you recommend Cosmetic Courses’ aesthetic training for Doctors to your colleagues?


Cosmetic Courses, led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, is the UK’s most established cosmetic training provider. For more information on aesthetic training for Doctors, please contact our team.


Are you a dentist thinking about moving into facial aesthetics? Our courses have been helping dentists launch aesthetic careers since 2002. One of those dentists, Dr Agata Smolen, now works with our sister company Aurora Skin Clinics in Northampton.

Here Dr Agata Smolen talks about the benefits of Botox training for dentists.

Tell us about your background

I graduated in dentistry in Poland in 2009, and worked as a dental associate for 4 years before moving to England. I went to Bristol first, then settled in Oxford. I now work full-time as a dentist, splitting my week between Oxford and Lechlade. Two Saturdays a month I offer aesthetic treatments at Aurora in Northampton.

Why did you decide to train in aesthetics?

Largely because of my work with cosmetic dentistry. Seeing the joy it brought when I improved areas people were concerned about made me think of other ways I could help.

How did you hear about Cosmetic Courses?

I found them online. I Googled ‘Botox training for dentists’ and they were one of the first pages. After exploring the website, I knew they were right for me. They had fantastic feedback from delegates, a great team, convenient location and a good variety of courses and dates.

Which courses did you take?

I started with foundation Botox and Fillers, then added the Lip Specialist day. I came back for advanced Botox and Fillers, which is when Adrian offered me a position with Aurora.

What was your training like?

I really enjoyed my courses, learned lots and met some amazing people. I had all the time I needed and could ask the trainers anything. The whole team were always willing to help. Patient and professional with both patients and students.

What do you enjoy most about aesthetics?

Aesthetic work has lots in common with dentistry. It feels great to boost someone’s confidence by improving something they’re unhappy with. Our face is our first impression, and changing one detail can make a huge difference. For me it’s a privilege to help make that happen.

Would you recommend Botox training for dentists?

Aesthetic medicine complements dentistry perfectly. When dentists look at someone, teeth aren’t all we see. It’s the face as a whole. The beauty of Botox training for dentists is that it helps us treat patients holistically, improving the entire face. You already have the necessary manual skills (working with injections every day), and a good aesthetic eye. Aesthetic medicine is the logical next step!

For more information on Botox training for dentists, please feel free to contact the team.