A wrinkle cream is useful for those whose faces are lined with a network of wrinkles while a wrinkle filler is ideal for those who just have a few deep wrinkles.

How A Wrinkle Filler Works

A wrinkle filler does not remove the wrinkle, smooth out the skin, or erase the creases. Instead, it plumps up the wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin. Plumping up the wrinkles makes them less pronounced and they blend better with the rest of the facial skin.

An Over-The-Counter Solution

This product does not need a prescription. It can be purchased over-the-counter. Pharmacies, beauty salons, and retail establishments that supply beauty products offer wrinkle filler creams that are quite effective.
These often sell for less than £30 and many come with a money-back guarantee.

Getting A Professional Treatment

If you feel that you need a much stronger solution for some well-defined wrinkles, then a family doctor or dermatologist can offer an injectable wrinkle filler. However, this solution is comparatively more expensive and the results are not permanent, lasting for about six months. Usually, you’ll be charged for the whole vial, which can be used for many wrinkles. There may also be the charge for the visit, depending on the doctor. The cost can average about £1000-£1300 for a visit. Since there are many variables involved, this is just a very rough estimate of the possible cost.

The most commonly used substance in an injectable wrinkle filler has been collagen. However, other substances have also been used to plump up the skin. These range from fats removed from your own body to synthetic substances. Before treatment, it is advisable to discuss the substance used as a wrinkle filler to find out if you are comfortable with the material and to learn if the doctor recommends it.

Possible Side Effects

Few side effects have been reported for either forms of treatment, the over-the-counter one or the professional visit, and long term use is generally considered safe. Allergic reactions, when they did occur, were mild.

With the over-the-counter treatment, tingling and redness may occur, which can be controlled by reducing the amount applied and the frequency of applications.

With the injection, patients have reported mild irritation. In rare cases, a mild allergic reaction occurred.

Overall, it is advisable to do an allergy test before applying a lotion or getting an injection.

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