If you keep up with beauty product trends, you’re likely aware of the big debate: Chemical peel or wrinkle cream? Many people mistakenly believeChemical Peels that the chemical peel is the answer to all their problems. Someone reading this is probably contemplating a chemical peel right now. Before you do, give wrinkle creams a fair chance to make their case. In the end, it could save you money and give you a skin treatment that you’ll be loyal to forever.

Here’s the case for wrinkle creams. If you’re lucky, you’ll read it before it’s too late.

Chemical peels are inconvenient

A  peel requires you to take time out of your day to schedule an appointment with your doctor. The appointment will take place on a weekday, meaning that you have to take time off work just to have a chemical peel. If this doesn’t sound like fun, it’s because it isn’t. Wrinkle creams don’t require days off work or recovery periods. You simply apply the cream to your skin and love it.

The Pain of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels contain caustic acid. This can cause swelling, irritation, and pain during the healing process. Wrinkle creams don’t hurt. They feel good and enhance your skin without side effects or pain. It’s the direct opposite of putting caustic acid on your skin.

Anti-Aging Ingredients Aren’t in Peels

Anti-aging components of chemical peels cause so much discomfort that it can be difficult to gather the courage to go for another treatment. With wrinkle creams, there is no dread. They give your skin antioxidants naturally so that your skin enjoys rather than dreads.

Recovery Period

Caustic acid is used to burn the skin and lift upper layers of it off. Your body increases production of collagen to heal the wounds left by the chemical peel. You are burned. You have a wound. Your body has to heal itself. Burning hurts.

Wrinkle cream actually feels good. Improvements are seen almost immediately and the great thing about all this is that you won’t have to burn off your face to accomplish your goals. You won’t be in pain for a minimum of five days. There is no recovery time at all from wrinkle creams.

If you’re ready to enjoy a good wrinkle cream, read about them: anti wrinkle cream. Find out Marcus Ryan’s list of anti aging and anti wrinkle skin cream and stop using painful chemical peels.