As Cosmetic Courses get ready to unveil their brand new Combined Agera Chemical Skin Peel & Microdermbarasion Training Courses, Medical Aesthetician and Trainer Fleur Nichols provides an overview of these exciting skin treatments:

Agera Chemical Skin Peels (in Partnership with Eden Aesthetics)


“Everybody can benefit from having a skin peel as Agera peels are at a basic level to exfoliate, decongest, remove dryness and help neutralize any little breakouts!

The Agera peels are effective, non-aggressive peels developed by leading scientists and Doctors. Using a combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid and l-ascorbic acid, we can treat different skin types and conditions.

Due to the low PH levels of these peels, we are able to treat the skin from the lower epidermal levels and up which basically means we can minimize irritation, redness and down time!

A course of Agera peels can gain fantastic results for those suffering from acne, congested problematic skin, fine lines and open pores plus help reduce pigmentation and sun-damage.”

Medical Microdermabrasion


“Microdermabrasion is a very popular non-surgical resurfacing procedure. It is safe, painless, effective and results can been seen after just one treatment!

Using a controlled flow of medical grade crytals and a vacuum, we remove the outer dead layer of skin cells which, if allowed to build up, make our skin look dry, congested and dull. The vacuum stimulates and invigorates the blood circulation to brighten your complexion.

At Cosmetic Courses, we have the unique option to combine Microdermabrasion and Agera Chemical Skin Peel training into one session to really enhance the results you can provide.”

For more information on Chemical Skin Peel with Microdermabrasion training at Cosmetic Courses, or to become a model for us and experience one of these fantastic treatments at a reduced price training rate, please contact 0845 230 4110 or [email protected]