The world of aesthetics is a creative place. New treatments, or twists on existing treatments, are shaking up the industry every day.

But with so many new procedures making their way to market, it’s fair to say that not every innovation is going to be a keeper. Here are a few of the wackier developments that have found their way into salons, spas and clinics around the world.

1. Fire Facial

Not for the faint-hearted. Originating in China, where the treatment is known as Huo Liao, the fire facial involves placing a towel soaked in a special elixir on a patient’s skin, and setting it on fire. Yes really. The flames are thought to stimulate cell generation, eventually culminating in younger and healthier looking skin – providing there’s some left.

2. Leech Detox

Popular in the spas of Austria, leech detox (as the name suggests) involves the precise application of leeches all over the body to suck out impurities in the blood, leaving the skin radiant and clear – without having to live on mung beans and wheatgrass shots. The treatment is popular with Hollywood stars including Demi Moore, who revealed her penchant for the unusual treatment on The Letterman Show.

3. Sand Burial

Yes, it sounds like a primitive form of torture, but it’s actually a popular rejuvenating and detoxifying treatment in several countries, particularly Egypt and Japan. The patient is buried in warm sand so the heat from the sun, or sometimes hot underground springs ( as is the case in Japan), gradually soothes the muscles and joints, as well as helping the patient sweat out toxins to improve the condition of the skin. The treatment is thought to be particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

4. Snail Facial

Why use expensive creams when snail snot will do? The slimy secretions from our shell-dwellin’ friends contain a powerful cocktail of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and proteins thought to help soften and smooth the skin. During a snail facial, the skin is thoroughly cleansed before live (organically farmed) snails are let loose on a patient’s face, spreading their moisturising elixir wherever they go. This treatment is currently available in the UK, having made its way over from Japan. Really slowly.

5. Placenta Facial

And while we’re talking controversial facials, how about this one. The placenta face mask contains stem cells harvested from a sheep’s placenta, which are thought to promote collagen production, tighten the skin, clear acne – and even boost brain power. Quite the cure-all. The treatment started life in China and is now available in the UK and New Zealand.

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