Since 2002, Cosmetic Courses have helped thousands of Nurses to carve out exciting new careers in aesthetics.

Are you a qualified Nurse looking for more variety in your work? How about boosting your earning potential? 

Both are within your grasp. The only thing standing between you and an exciting new lifestyle is one of our Botox courses for Nurses!

This week, we chat to qualified Nurse, passionate aesthetician and Cosmetic Courses trainer Mel Recchia about her move into aesthetics…

Hi Mel, how easy was your decision to move from nursing into aesthetics?

In my case, it wasn’t something I carefully planned. Like all the best things in life, it was quite spontaneous! I’d been a Beauty Therapist before I became a Nurse, so that interest in cosmetic medicine was always there.

I loved working as a Nurse in A&E, but after 9 years I started thinking it was time to expand my horizons. Because of my background in beauty, aesthetics was the natural choice.

What do you enjoy most about aesthetics?

I get a huge amount of satisfaction from making people feel better about themselves. I know some people think aesthetics is superficial or frivolous compared to nursing, and I understand that, but when you improve something that’s making someone unhappy, you’re impacting their life in a way that goes beyond beauty.

So you’re almost a kind of therapist?

Almost, yes! You often find yourself being a kind of confidante to your patients. People trust you, and they share their problems with you. They leave with their self-esteem boosted and a spring in their step. For me that’s the most rewarding part of what we do.

Bit of a cheeky one – do you have any aesthetic treatments yourself?

Of course – it’d be rude not to! I’ve had Botox for about 10 years, and I like to have skin peels and microdermabrasions when I can. I’m also a big fan of skincare products to maintain results, and last year I tried a bit of Sculptra in my mid-face which has been great. I’m also thinking about taking the plunge and getting my upper eyelids done next year! 

What would you say to someone thinking about taking one of our Botox courses for nurses?

It really is a route into a new lifestyle. Aesthetics lets you use your medical skills and maintain the patient contact you’re used to, but with more flexibility and freedom.

As a self-employed Aesthetic Nurse, you get to choose how much and when you want to work, and you make your work fit around your life rather than the other way round.

In a nutshell, training in Botox will open the doors to lots of new opportunities – so go for it!

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