The procedure hailed the “Botox Facelift” is actually a more modern technique using Botox treatment to improve the jaw line and give it a better definition.

Botox works by weakening muscles and it is possible to selectively weaken muscles which pull down the jawline producing an elevation and tightening of the jaw line.

Typically small injections are given just below the jaw line into the muscles which pull down the skin of the jaw. A real improvement in the jawline using this technique has been developed in the last few years, known as the Nefertiti Lift (after the Egyptian Queen with the famously slender and beautiful jawline).

This form of treatment is extremely effective in treating the jawline areas and a very popular treatment amongst patients. You can learn Advanced Botulinum Toxin techniques like these (and more!) on Cosmetic Courses’ Advanced Level training, or on a bespoke 1-1 course focusing on areas like this. Call us on 0845 230 4110 for more information, or book your Advanced Course securely online today.