From the time Botox was introduced into the market, the number of patients requesting Botox injections has rapidly increased. The popularity of the Botox injection reflects not just its effectiveness, but its versatility and safety in treating several aesthetic and medical conditions. Botox is a protein mostly known for its ability to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, but Botox injections are commonly used to treat hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating in the palms, feet and underarms, strabismus, eyelid spasms, and to reduce neck pain and stiffness. Botulinum neurotoxin, known to the public as Botox, is produced solely by the pharmaceutical company Allergan, and although its name includes the word toxin, there are no toxic side effects from using Botox.

Misconception: Botox injections are highly toxic

A common misconception about Botox is that it is toxic. In fact, Botox has no none permanent side effects. All side effects related to Botox injections are minimal and temporary, and are confined to swelling, headaches and short-term allergic reactions. However, these side effects are common for a majority of drugs, including aspirin and cough syrups. Drugs that contain toxins are commonly used in medicine to treat several medical conditions. Digoxin is a toxin based drug derived from plants and it is commonly used to treat several arrhythmia inducing heart conditions. Drugs such as Lignocaine uses toxins derived from sea anemones to stop the acceleration of multiple sclerosis. It is also used to treat heart irregularities and is widely used as an effective topical drug for treating multiple forms of skin inflammation. The term toxin does not on its own imply a dangerous ingredient. It is the form and amount of toxicity in a specific drug that produces poisoning. Botox is derived from botulinum toxin which can be poisoning, but the amount used in a Botox injection is extremely low and thus does not have the ability to produce poisoning. This is very similar to the administration of vaccines. Vaccines carry an extremely low amount of pathogens or protein toxins to prevent or treat several medical infections. The injection of Botox is confined to a specific muscle and does not leak into the surrounding area. Although all drugs carry some risk, Botox has proven to be very safe. Ultimately, just like any medical treatment, Botox must be performed by a trained medical professional to ensure proper administration.