Former first lady, Michelle Obama, talked to American glossy People magazine about staying fit and healthy and looking good, putting exercise and healthy eating at the core of her message. Although she has not undergone plastic surgery or Botox herself she was very open to it and to the fact that people should be free to choose to do it as they please.

Obama is well-known for her toned and strong physique, which she puts primarily down to her exercise routine. She famously works out with her husband every morning; the evidence of which can be seen in both their figures. With her 50th birthday approaching the First Lady looks incredibly good for her age.

When it comes to diet Obama is less strict than she is with her exercise regime although she does makes sure she eats “plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables”. She’s quite right in her belief that strict or obsessive diets tend to be less healthy (and beneficial for weight) than simply eating moderately and a having a nutritionally balanced diet.

Her exercise routine currently consists of heavy cardio and weight training; something she plans to ease off on slightly in favour of yoga-type exercises. Increasing her levels of flexibility will benefit her as she ages she believes, to make sure she “doesn’t break a hip”. It’s these healthy, responsive and controlled lifestyle decisions which help to keep her so healthy and in such great shape.

And while Obama has not yet undertaken plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures such as Botox or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy at the moment she is not against nor of the mind to tell people that they shouldn’t, she told the magazine.