Chemical Peels are a fantastic treatment and can be personalised for different skin conditions and ages to help get the most out of them. The exfoliating treatment works by removing the dead layers of damaged skin cells on the face leaving a healthy glow behind making the patient feel refreshed and revitalised! 

There is a lot of myths which surround Chemical Peels largely summoned by media and entertainment influence. The most popular being the Samantha scene in Sex in the City peel (not true!) and the second that you cant have a chemical skin peel in the Summer.

Cosmetic Courses expert trainer Fleur took time out of her busy schedule to answer the much asked question.

“Can I have a Chemical Peel in the Summer?”


The majority of AHA and BHA chemical peels are safe to have all year round as long as you follow a few basic rules:

  • Always use an SPF that is a physical barrier not chemical barrier with the preferred factor of 50 straight after your peel – this gives you the ultimate protection you need. SPF should be used all year round to help prevent harmful UV rays causing photo-ageing. Introduce it into your morning skincare routine as your last step to help protect your face and neck areas.
  • Part of the process of a skin peel is very much, your skin peels! We advise you keep your face out of direct sunlight for a few days as best you can and this is when your skin will be most vulnerable as it has shed its old layer and a new fresh layer is on show.
  • If you have an event coming up and want a peel before hand to help refresh your skin we advise that for a light peel you leave 5 days for optimum results and 10 days for a stronger peel.

Chemical Peels at Cosmetic Courses

At Cosmetic Courses we offer Chemical Peels at the reduced cost of £70 including microdermabasion, which is an approximate discounts of £100 on normal high street prices. This treatment is available at our Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Nottingham & Leeds clinics.

Speak to a model coordinator today to find out more and book in: 01844 390110 or [email protected]

Before & After of Chemical Peels