With the advent of plastic surgery, and alternative procedures that do not involve surgery, wealthy women started the war against aging. As time has progressed however, technology has gotten much better, and as a result, these procedures have become safer, more appealing, and more affordable. As such, more and more people have turned to new procedures such as face-lifts and Botox injections.

Though some use cosmetic procedures just to enhance their own image and try to look better, people are starting to use it to turn 50 into the new 30. Recent studies and new polls suggest that the amount of women approaching old age, and seeking cosmetic procedures to delay aging, has come close to doubling in recent years. These studies also suggest that with more advances in the cosmetic field, these numbers will only continue to rise.

Many celebrities that have fallen from their pinnacle of beauty, are also now seeking these cosmetic treatments. Although not an intended effect of their procedures, due to their high amounts of public exposure, these celebrities serve as walking advertisements for the cosmetic surgery industry. Many people that idolize either these people, or beauty, may seek out these treatments solely because the people they look up to find them to be fine.

Some people may question why a women would want to change her natural body in the first place, but the answer is actually pretty obvious. Where sees 50 years ago, aging was tolerated as a natural part of life, the modern media now portrays aging as something bad and ugly. As women get older and experience menopause, their bodies start changing in ways that are now considered to be unattractive. They then seek out these cosmetic procedures, not only to make themselves look more attractive in society’s eyes, but also to improve their own self-esteem.

Though many question the ethics and morals of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, their benefits to society are obvious. With many famous figures acquiring new looks through these measures, they provide inspiration for common people to go out and get them to. Because of society’s misconstrued views of aging, plastic surgery is as psychological as it is physical, helping older women both look better, and improve their confidence in themselves. As these procedures become safer and more affordable, there is no doubt that the number of people seeking them will only continue to rise, and their benefits to society will be enjoyed by more and more people.