Soft tissue augmentation for aesthetic purposes has been around for over a hundred years. We can trace this field of medicine back to a German plastic surgeon who published a paper about adipose grafts that are transplanted to fix soft tissue defects on the face. This shows that fat grafts are the oldest known facial dermal fillers used in the plastic surgery field. Of course, the past 100 years have been spent improving techniques and finding better materials and devices to use to help patients cosmetically improve the appearance of soft tissue deficiencies. Facial dermal fillers are now one of the most popular ways people use to create a more aesthetically pleasing improvement to their face with the least invasive procedure possible.

Unfortunately, smoking, sunlight, aging and gravity take a toll on the elastic collagen of the face, causing wrinkles to appear. Aging-related changes include downturned corners of the mouth and atrophy of the lower and upper lips. Plastic surgery makes it possible to rejuvenate these areas with minor improvements. Facial dermal fillers are used to rebuild and refresh the areas near the mouth, helping the patient regain a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers can also treat aging near the naso-labial folds of the face, a common and early sign of facial aging.

So why do people love facial dermal fillers to such a degree? One reason is the popularity of Botox, which has been shown to have amazing anti-aging on upper facial areas. With Botox injections, the anti-aging effects on the upper face have also created a need for better procedures to address the lower area of the face. Novel filler technology has also increased facial dermal fillers’ popularity with the general public. When Botox is used for the upper face together with dermal fillers on the lower face, an unbelievable age-reversing result is achieved that offers a rejuvenated appearance with minimally invasive procedures.

Today, many people will agree that a face should have prominence and depressions that are symmetrical. This belief is yet another reason people seem drawn to the field of soft tissue augmentation, particularly facial dermal fillers. Lip enhancement is now one of the most popular procedures and draws both the young and old. Because of the minimally invasive nature of these procedures, paired with their ability to deliver unmatched results, it’s no wonder people are eager to use facial dermal fillers to improve their appearance.