Plastic surgery usually makes people think about some of the more obvious and traditional procedures, including breast implants, face lifts,Collagen Dermal Fillers liposuction, and Botox injections. But you may be surprised to hear that, lately, women have been focusing on plastic surgery on another area of their bodies: their feet. But it is not all about appearance this time. More and more plastic surgeons are implanting collagen dermal fillers into the balls of women’s feet to help make the pain of wearing high heels just a little more bearable.

Women who are into wearing trendy stiletto heels are often burdened with the less-trendy foot pain that they cause. High heel shoes transfer weight into the toes and balls of the feet, focusing constant pressure on a part of the foot with a relatively small surface area. Over time, the fat in the balls of the feet deteriorates, and when this is combined with ageing, shoes can become quite uncomfortable and even painful.

The procedure required to implant dermal fillers is relatively cheap and painless, and you can recover quickly. The collagen contained in the implants is a natural protein found in skin tissue, so it breaks down over time and dissolves in the body naturally. That means, however, that the procedure must be repeated about every two to three months. Some women have chosen to undergo the procedure only every so often as needed. Cosmetic surgery clinics have seen a spike of interest in the procedure around the holiday season in particular, presumably due to holiday parties and more time spent in high-heeled shoes.

In 2009, sales in foot implants in the UK jumped five times the prior rate, and the number is expected to grow as the economy improves. Even celebrities are getting in on the trend. Last November, Victoria Beckham mentioned that she, too, was considering having work done on her feet to remove bunions formed from years of wearing heels. It was also said that she expressed interest in dermal fillers.

The trend in high heeled shoes does not seem to being changing anytime soon, and designers continue to challenge their clients with taller and more extreme footwear. Plastic surgery may seem to be an extreme decision, but if you’re on your feet often in heels, it could be a cheap and simple option to prevent more permanent damage!