More and more women are seeking treatment for ageing hands, in what’s being dubbed the ‘Madonna effect’, so called after the star’s own hand treatment to reverse this tell-tale sign of ageing.

It has often been said that to tell a woman’s age you need look at the neck and the hands, as previously work to reverse the signs of ageing was really only performed on the face. However as skill and technology advances it is now possible to treat ageing hands as well as an ageing face.

Until now it was usually Thermage or laser treatments that would have been used on the hands however fillers are now regularly being requested in clinics up and down the country. Thermage works by strengthening the collagen in the skin which results in it becoming tighter, whilst laser treatment can help to reduce sun spots and pigmentation.

Fillers can go a step further however as they will help to restore volume to the hands, which can often be the main problem. Thinning skin can lead to a crepey, shrunken look which can make the hands look older.

As a result of this it’s important that training for dermal fillers includes treatments for the hands as well as for the face.

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