Scientists at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University are attempting to understand the proteins that may be responsible for the development of Type 2 diabetes.

It is the same SNARE proteins that Botox treatment targets, as they are responsible for muscle contraction. Botox targets these proteins and effectively freezes them, therefore halting muscle contraction.

As well as in other areas of the body these proteins, called SNARE, reside in the beta-cells within the pancreas. Researchers are using molecular microscopic techniques to determine exactly what happens with these cells and insulin release.

The steady release of insulin made by these cells helps to control glucose levels in the body. When there is a consistently high level of glucose production in the body, which is what happens in obese patients, this process stops functioning properly and leads to Type 2 diabetes.

These SNARE proteins, which are the equivalent to the size of ten-thousandth of a human hair, will be observed by Dr Colin Rickman and his team of researchers. They hope that this will help to understand exactly how the beta-cells produce insulin and therefore what happens when they stop functioning. The intention is that these findings will help find a cure to the chronic condition.

The number of people with Type 2 diabetes in the UK rose by 1.5 million between 1996 and 2012, and it’s predicted that the number of sufferers will hit 5 million by the year 2025. This recent and projected growth in number is due to the rising numbers of those who are overweight and obese.

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Micro-needling has become a very popular procedure for our clients with Dermaroller recently providing a new innovation in their field of the eDermaStamp ®. The eDermaStamp ® is the newest way to treat skin conditions allowing the professional to focus the treatments to smaller areas of the client’s skin.

The eDermaStamp® consists of six fine needle precisions made of stainless steel micro-needles which create a small penetration of the skin causing collagen to be easily formed through the stimulation of these skin cells. When the eDermaStamp ® treatment is repeated it helps to improve the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles to give a younger looking skin.

The eDermaStamp® is an innovative product that provides 50-150 punctures to the skin per second. Therefore the eDermaStamp® can concentrate on specific areas micro-needlingmaking micro-needling more precise to a specific area on the clients skin, giving more effective results. Usually this is performed on certain acne regions, scars, blemishes or sun damage.

This step forward in the Micro-needling industry movement shows each medical advancement and the effect it will have on the aesthetics industry. eDermaStamp® is a step forward to improve the process of micro-needling to enhance your skin quality and give you a more youthful look through the increase of your collagen cycle .

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When you set up your own Medical Aesthetics practise, you will quickly find a Ghost that haunts you. You will particularly experience her looming shadow if you decide to offer Lip Filler treatments. But we can pretty much guarantee that her name will crop up over and over regardless. “I don’t want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!”: it is a plea from your clients that will become all-too familiar.

The Leslie Ash “Look” is certainly not high on most people’s aesthetic wish-list. You have most probably seen the recurrent pictures in the media of her now infamous “trout pout”. The unfortunate woman has been hauled over the coals as an example of Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong in every woman’s mag. article of that theme ever since her Lip Body treatment in 2002.

Ash originally claimed she had collagen Lip Implants to correct her disappearing top lip (an unfortunate but common side-effect of ageing) and maintain her image in the public eye. Ironically, the treatment had the opposite effect, bringing her notoriety for all the wrong reasons. Back in 2003, the actress typically told the Press that her permanently swollen, upwards-curled top lip was a terrible accident and the result of a reaction to the collagen in the implant. By 2010 she had conceded that it was not an implant at all, but an injection of liquid silicone (the same lethal cocktail responsible for the recent death of Claudia Aderotimi) which had caused the ridiculous effect.

“The Curse of Leslie Ash” is therefore that hundreds of women who would otherwise have considered lip-enhancing treatment have now been put off completely. And of those that do approach you for procedures, a large number will need reassurance that they will not leave your Clinic looking similarly over-the-top or caricatured.

In his talks to delegates attending Medical Aesthetic courses at the Cosmetic Courses National Training Centre, Mr Adrian Richards (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) is always keen to set the facts straight. For starters, there should be broader awareness of precisely which treatment Leslie Ash underwent: it seems very wrong that by initially shielding the truth, she has created mistrust and fear of both Lip Fillers and Lip Implants. Prospective clients do not realise that Dermal Fillers are not the same as the injections which she had, and can give lovely subtle enhancement to both the lip body and border (in the hands of a qualified, trained medical professional). Nor do they always understand that she did not have a Lip Implant at all and that it is therefore well worth investigating the potential of Permalip implants. In fact, Mr Richards highly recommends the Permalip implant as a method of augmenting the lip body: these implants come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, are sculptable, safe and above all can be removed if necessary.

In contrast, Liquid Silicone injections, like Ash had injected into her lips by a plastic surgeon whilst at a friend’s house, is permanent. And as Mr Richards warns all his trainee Aesthetic Practitioners, ‘Permanent fillers cause Permanent problems’. In Leslie Ash’s case, the silicone set around the muscles in her lips and it is now impossible for surgeons to remove it.

So there you have it: of course, however silly the actress may have been, she is also incredibly unfortunate. She is certainly not alone, but possibly receives more publicity about the matter than most and will almost certainly be one of the names you come to regard as a bug-bear. Instead of getting irritated by this, however, try to see your role as educating your clients, so that others do not make the mistakes of Ash and others. With this knowledge, you can ensure that you offer only the best and most suitable treatments and therefore provide genuine reassurance that your clients will not walk out of your Treatment Room and straight into the Gossip Columns!

Frown lines around your mouth or forehead can make you look tired and older than your age. However, there are methods for preventing and eliminating these wrinkles.

Skin maintains its elasticity with the natural substances of collagen and elastin. However, your body produces less of these chemicals with age and your skin has a harder time staying taut and bouncing back when stretched. Think of a worn-out rubber band that is too stretched to return to its original size. The aging process is made worse by factors like sun exposure and smoking. With years of repetitive movements like frowning, laughing, and squinting, frown lines form.

To prevent frown lines, protect your skin from the sun. Wear large sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. Make sure to reapply sunblock often. Wrinkle creams are good for both treatment and prevention since they nourish your cells and help replenish your depleting collagen. Look for lotions and creams that contain retinol or vitamin A, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid to moisturize. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids can also help to remove or exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal more youthful skin underneath. For an effective and relaxing solution, facial massages may actually help prevent frown lines. A massage stimulates blood flow to the area, and exfoliation reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re concerned about wrinkles on your entire body, use oils like coconut or almond oil to keep skin soft and well-hydrated.

Diet can also be a factor that affects the health of your skin. Foods that contain antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids are known to affect the firmness of your skin. Instead of processed foods, go with fruits and vegetables and drink ample water.

Once you have the wrinkles, though, it is difficult to reverse the curse. One of the most popular treatment options for frown lines is the use of Botox. Botox injection can almost immediately reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and it lasts for months. Similar treatments include fillers like hyaluronic acid, collagen and calcium hydroxylapatite. Surgical brow or forehead lifts are more expensive, but they last for years. Less extreme treatment options include non-surgical procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing.

Plastic surgery usually makes people think about some of the more obvious and traditional procedures, including breast implants, face lifts,Collagen Dermal Fillers liposuction, and Botox injections. But you may be surprised to hear that, lately, women have been focusing on plastic surgery on another area of their bodies: their feet. But it is not all about appearance this time. More and more plastic surgeons are implanting collagen dermal fillers into the balls of women’s feet to help make the pain of wearing high heels just a little more bearable.

Women who are into wearing trendy stiletto heels are often burdened with the less-trendy foot pain that they cause. High heel shoes transfer weight into the toes and balls of the feet, focusing constant pressure on a part of the foot with a relatively small surface area. Over time, the fat in the balls of the feet deteriorates, and when this is combined with ageing, shoes can become quite uncomfortable and even painful.

The procedure required to implant dermal fillers is relatively cheap and painless, and you can recover quickly. The collagen contained in the implants is a natural protein found in skin tissue, so it breaks down over time and dissolves in the body naturally. That means, however, that the procedure must be repeated about every two to three months. Some women have chosen to undergo the procedure only every so often as needed. Cosmetic surgery clinics have seen a spike of interest in the procedure around the holiday season in particular, presumably due to holiday parties and more time spent in high-heeled shoes.

In 2009, sales in foot implants in the UK jumped five times the prior rate, and the number is expected to grow as the economy improves. Even celebrities are getting in on the trend. Last November, Victoria Beckham mentioned that she, too, was considering having work done on her feet to remove bunions formed from years of wearing heels. It was also said that she expressed interest in dermal fillers.

The trend in high heeled shoes does not seem to being changing anytime soon, and designers continue to challenge their clients with taller and more extreme footwear. Plastic surgery may seem to be an extreme decision, but if you’re on your feet often in heels, it could be a cheap and simple option to prevent more permanent damage!

The first 20th century attempt to give women fuller lips using injects involved paraffin. It wasn’t a success but it paved the way for other filler substances to make lips fuller and improve the self-esteem of women who weren’t given the full lips associated with youth and beauty. Today the science of lip enhancement includes dozens of fillers that help women every year.

Natural Substances

Fat injections- Fat injections are a temporary procedure that involves removing fat from one area of a woman’s body and injecting it into the lips. This procedure involves no chance of allergic reaction.

Autologen injections – The results last a long time and there is no risk of allergic reaction. Collagen is removed from the skin.

Collagen injections – This substance is used to produce temporary augmentation of the lips. There is some chance of allergic reaction. The collagen is taken from cow skin and used for the lip augmentation. Tiny needs are used to inject the substance. The effects of collagen last from 1 to 3 months.

Transplant Lip Injection

Dermalogen injections – A cadaver is used in this procedure. After it has been screened for disease, it is removed from the dead body and used to temporarily enhance the lips of a patient.

HylaForm injections – This filler comes from the same source as Dermalogen: A human cadaver.

Fascia injections – This white connective tissue can be surgically implanted or injected. It comes from a cadaver.

Synthetic Lip Injection

Restylane injections – This is a clear gel.

Artecoll injections – Made up of synthetic beads. A longer lasting technique than many others.

These many fillers help women around the world achieve the kind of lip appearance they desire. Some of the substances cause allergic reactions, so patients are tested before they undergo any procedures. A doctor will usually review medical history and allergies before performing any lip augmentation procedure.

Lip augmentation is common in 21st century society. New techniques continue to be researched and introduced to cosmetic surgeons on a regular basis. Women enjoy the new look it gives them and feel more confident after the procedures. Some would say that lip injections are simply a form of advanced make-up that women undergo to look as beautiful and young as they possibly can. This attitude helps women who believe these procedures are okay, and not excessive, be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The end result is almost always a happier woman.

A beautiful smile makes an indelible impression in the social world. Women of all eras have sought to acquire the full-lipped pout of actresses and models. Because of this, modern cosmetic surgeons never lack for business. Lip augmentation gives women the full lips they desire and it boosts their confidence in ways never thought possible. The technical aspects of lip augmentation are left to scientists and cosmetic surgeons, but they are fascinating even to the untrained population.

Three types of lip enhancing procedures are the most popular choices of dentists. Injectable fillers produce a temporary effect that lasts 6 weeks to 18 months, depending on the person who receives the treatment and the variety of product injected. Collagen, hylaform, perlane, and rofilan are typical products of lip augmentation with variable durations of effectiveness.

A more permanent solution is accomplished with fillers such as dermalive, alloderm, soft form, and aquamide. Depending on the area that needs to be injected, the treatment can last longer than its typical 3 to 10 minute duration. After the injections, a patient can expect swelling and, in some cases, discoloration. The discoloration goes away after a few days and the permanent effect of the fillers sets in, giving the patient beautiful, sensuous lips that will be with her always. A normal routine is resumed shortly after this procedure, leaving patients free to return to work or household duties.

In the majority of cases, Bio Alcamide is the choice of filler for this type of procedure. Its strengths are that allergic reactions are almost non-existent in its history. Discomfort is minimal. It consists of hydrogel. Its usefulness extends beyond lip augmentation and has been used to fill scars, wrinkles, and cavities in the skin.

A third procedure is conducted through plastic surgery. This, too, is a permanent procedure. There is no possible way to reverse it, so serious consideration should be given before undergoing this procedure. Gum lift and lip enhancement techniques are described in-depth on several sites, and it is wise to research the topics before scheduling a consultation. It is the most complex of the three procedures.

A cosmetic surgeon can examine your lips and discuss your medical history to determine what procedure and filler will work best for you. If you are suffering from low self-esteem due to small lips and desire the full, beautiful lips of actresses and models, it’s as easy as scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic dentist. Within weeks you can have your desires fulfilled and be happier and more fulfilled.

The possibilities with Aesthetic Dentistry are endless. See Laser whitening London for more ideas about dentists in the medical aesthetics industry.

As a person gets older, wrinkles, age marks, and other skin blemishes become prevalent. Older scars obtained in a person’s younger years become more noticeable, such as acne scars. Volume loss in the skin, photo damage, and hyperactive muscles are other common sources of wrinkles and age lines. Women aren’t the only people looking for a way to get their younger appearance back Men are also interested in looking and feeling younger. More and more men are looking into dermal wrinkle fillers and Botox injections to get their skin looking young and fresh as it once was.

As a person ages, the natural moisture in the skin and the rate that cells renew themselves slows down. This results in skin that is dry and scaly. Wrinkles can occur when emotions reach their extremes. Emotions such as anger can cause wrinkles and furrows over time. This is due to a certain expression being held for a long time, for instance an angry scowl or frown. The muscles between the eyebrows contract during certain emotional states, and can cause furrows and creases that get deeper over time.

Botox, otherwise known as botulinum toxin A, was approved by the FDA in 2002 as a treatment for wrinkles and frown lines. This cosmetic treatment is comprised of purified protein that diminishes a certain muscle’s ability to contract. The Botox is injected directly into the muscle and prevents over-activity of that particular muscle. When first injected, the Botox relaxes the muscle temporarily, cutting off the formation of wrinkles. The skin over the muscle relaxes and softens, lessening the look of wrinkles.

Another option for younger and smoother looking skin are dermal wrinkle fillers. Dermal wrinkle fillers are injected into the deep lines of the face, such as smile lines, “crows feet” beside the eyes, and other areas where wrinkles form. Dermal wrinkle fillers can restore volume to hollow skin or an area of the face that has lost natural fat. Collagen, for example, can be injected into the lips to give them a plumper and fuller look.

Cosmetic fillers can be injected to worry lines in the forehead, and hollow areas in the cheeks or under the eyes to bring back some of the volume that was lost. Skin cosmetic fillers restore the facial skin so they look fresh and young again. Many FDA approved dermal fillers are available on the market these days to treat a man’s wrinkles and age lines.

The popularity of facial fillers has been growing exponentially in recent times. To combat wrinkles and loss of facial fat, patients turn to facial filler injections that have little to no recovery time. Sculptra is touted by aesthetic patients and physicians as being the “longest lasting facial filler”.

Sculptra is a dermal facial filler that can be injected directly into the skin of the face to rejuvenate the skin, that leaves it looking younger and healthier. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) was approved by the FDA in 2004 and is the main component in Sculptra. This component is a synthetic biodegradable polymer that has been proven to be safe and effective in surgeries for 20 years.

Sculptra was approved by the FDA in 2009, and is considered to be a biostimulator, unlike other types of facial fillers. Sculptra not only stimulates the skin tissue, but rebuilds it when it starts to degrade. Other facial fillers plump up the tissue temporarily using an absorbent filler material. The PLLA activates an immune response when Sculptra is injected in the facial skin that causes the white blood cells to gradually absorb the PLLA particles. This particular process leads to collagen and fibrosis buildup at the site where Sculptra has been injected. This formation of new collagen is a slow acting process, therefore it may take up to four to six weeks to notice visible results.

The slow process of forming new collagen is what causes Sculptra to have longer lasting effects than other fillers. Other types of fillers cause temporary but immediate results, that plump up the skin to eliminate wrinkles. Eventually the effects dissipate and the injections have to be redone. Sculptra, on the other hand, is considered to be a “tissue volumizer” that fortifies areas of the face where the skin has lost fat.

Patients that use Sculptra see varying results with the product, however results can be expected to last from one to two years. There have even been instances where the results have lasted for up to three years. The long lasting effects of Sculptra is due to the safe absorbency of the poly-L-lactic acid formula, the ability to stimulate skin tissues that have degraded, and the gradual buildup of fresh collagen around weak tissues.

After getting a Sculptra injection, the patient should take extra care of their skin, by avoiding the sun as much as possible, and keeping the skin clean and well moisturized.

Have you heard of The Obagi Blue Peel? Women and men are paying up to £300 to obtain younger, more beautiful skin.

What is the Obagi Blue Peel?

Featured on Oprah and numerous other talk shows, The Obagi Blue Peel is a rich blue green skin cream invented by well-known researcher, innovator, scientist and dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi. The Obagi Peel is used to first dye the skin so dermatologist, physicians or plastic surgeons can readily see where the peel has been applied. After applying the cream and seeing exactly where it has rested on the skin, the dermatologist then applies an acid peel. The peel is used in combination with Trichloroacetic acid. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is an active ingredient used in chemical peels to help remove wrinkles. The TCA is added after physicians know exactly where and how much is needed to accomplish a patients desired results.

What Does The Obagi Blue Peel Accomplish?

Individuals seeking a more youthful, glowing complexion will readily dish out £300 or more to obtain or restore the youth to their appearance. The Obagi Blue Peel removes the top layer of the skin to reveal the new skin underneath. Clients will usually see a fresher, younger and smoother complexion after treatment.

What Other Benefits Are There

Thousands of doctors have used the Peel to enhance and control other skin concerns their patients may suffer from. Tens of thousands of dermatologist, physicians and others have used the Obagi Blue Peel in effectively accomplishing skin improvement or restoring the natural and youthful appearance of the skin. The Obagi Blue peel has been beneficial in treating acne, rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun damaged skin and restoring the natural skin tone by removing spots and other skin imperfections. In addition to restoring the youthful appearance to ones skin, the Obagi Blue Peel has been beneficial in producing collagen which decreases with aging. Producing collagen can result in the awakening of the elasticity to the skin. Awakening collagen production can change the sagging of ones skin to a plumper more youthful appearance.

Can The Same Results Be Obtained At A Cheaper Cost

Not everyone has £300 to dish out to restore youth to their skin or appearance. So how can you obtain similar if not better results at a cheaper cost? There are hundreds of less expensive products on the market. Some can provide similar if not better results. One that is extremely effective in producing similar results is Neosporin’s Antibacterial Crème. You can find the Neosporin line or its generic form in any pharmacy.