A beautiful smile makes an indelible impression in the social world. Women of all eras have sought to acquire the full-lipped pout of actresses and models. Because of this, modern cosmetic surgeons never lack for business. Lip augmentation gives women the full lips they desire and it boosts their confidence in ways never thought possible. The technical aspects of lip augmentation are left to scientists and cosmetic surgeons, but they are fascinating even to the untrained population.

Three types of lip enhancing procedures are the most popular choices of dentists. Injectable fillers produce a temporary effect that lasts 6 weeks to 18 months, depending on the person who receives the treatment and the variety of product injected. Collagen, hylaform, perlane, and rofilan are typical products of lip augmentation with variable durations of effectiveness.

A more permanent solution is accomplished with fillers such as dermalive, alloderm, soft form, and aquamide. Depending on the area that needs to be injected, the treatment can last longer than its typical 3 to 10 minute duration. After the injections, a patient can expect swelling and, in some cases, discoloration. The discoloration goes away after a few days and the permanent effect of the fillers sets in, giving the patient beautiful, sensuous lips that will be with her always. A normal routine is resumed shortly after this procedure, leaving patients free to return to work or household duties.

In the majority of cases, Bio Alcamide is the choice of filler for this type of procedure. Its strengths are that allergic reactions are almost non-existent in its history. Discomfort is minimal. It consists of hydrogel. Its usefulness extends beyond lip augmentation and has been used to fill scars, wrinkles, and cavities in the skin.

A third procedure is conducted through plastic surgery. This, too, is a permanent procedure. There is no possible way to reverse it, so serious consideration should be given before undergoing this procedure. Gum lift and lip enhancement techniques are described in-depth on several sites, and it is wise to research the topics before scheduling a consultation. It is the most complex of the three procedures.

A cosmetic surgeon can examine your lips and discuss your medical history to determine what procedure and filler will work best for you. If you are suffering from low self-esteem due to small lips and desire the full, beautiful lips of actresses and models, it’s as easy as scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic dentist. Within weeks you can have your desires fulfilled and be happier and more fulfilled.

The possibilities with Aesthetic Dentistry are endless. See Laser whitening London for more ideas about dentists in the medical aesthetics industry.