The first 20th century attempt to give women fuller lips using injects involved paraffin. It wasn’t a success but it paved the way for other filler substances to make lips fuller and improve the self-esteem of women who weren’t given the full lips associated with youth and beauty. Today the science of lip enhancement includes dozens of fillers that help women every year.

Natural Substances

Fat injections- Fat injections are a temporary procedure that involves removing fat from one area of a woman’s body and injecting it into the lips. This procedure involves no chance of allergic reaction.

Autologen injections – The results last a long time and there is no risk of allergic reaction. Collagen is removed from the skin.

Collagen injections – This substance is used to produce temporary augmentation of the lips. There is some chance of allergic reaction. The collagen is taken from cow skin and used for the lip augmentation. Tiny needs are used to inject the substance. The effects of collagen last from 1 to 3 months.

Transplant Lip Injection

Dermalogen injections – A cadaver is used in this procedure. After it has been screened for disease, it is removed from the dead body and used to temporarily enhance the lips of a patient.

HylaForm injections – This filler comes from the same source as Dermalogen: A human cadaver.

Fascia injections – This white connective tissue can be surgically implanted or injected. It comes from a cadaver.

Synthetic Lip Injection

Restylane injections – This is a clear gel.

Artecoll injections – Made up of synthetic beads. A longer lasting technique than many others.

These many fillers help women around the world achieve the kind of lip appearance they desire. Some of the substances cause allergic reactions, so patients are tested before they undergo any procedures. A doctor will usually review medical history and allergies before performing any lip augmentation procedure.

Lip augmentation is common in 21st century society. New techniques continue to be researched and introduced to cosmetic surgeons on a regular basis. Women enjoy the new look it gives them and feel more confident after the procedures. Some would say that lip injections are simply a form of advanced make-up that women undergo to look as beautiful and young as they possibly can. This attitude helps women who believe these procedures are okay, and not excessive, be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. The end result is almost always a happier woman.