Although getting wrinkles is a natural part of aging, it is possible to have younger, tighter skin for more years of your life by using the right skin care lotion.

What collagen does best is firm wrinkles and one of the best ways to combat wrinkles is to use products that have both collagen and skin tightening ingredients.

Besides helping with wrinkles, collagen reduces cellulite. Both these conditions are a result of aging skin. As skin ages, its multiple layers held together by collagen and elastin begin to loosen. Not only do these bonds loosen, but the skin becomes lumpy and uneven, and we perceive these as wrinkles.

With so many products on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the best lotion to use, but before shopping for the right product, you should consider your personal needs like skin type, regions of your body that need toning and tightening, and so on. Considering your skin type is an important deciding factor in the product you choose. For example, those with dry skin will need more moisturizing ingredients. Some of the more effective products fill out the skin cells, rather than just reduce wrinkles. Look for products with natural ingredients like CoQ10, Cynergy TK, and Hyaluronic Acid. Prefer products with natural ingredients over those with chemical blends.

While collagen is used for both wrinkles and cellulite, you have to use different products for each of these conditions. One product will not work as a complete solution because the sources and the concentration of collagen used to treat wrinkles is different than the collagen used to reduce cellulite. Moreover, what works for one condition will not work for another. Collagen products are made from a variety of sources, including wool, herring, mackerel, soy, kelp, and even a special type of honey called makuna. In addition, other ingredients are added like moisturisers for wrinkle creams.

It bears repeating that it is important to identify your personal needs first before buying skin care products because otherwise you will choose products that will not work for you and be disappointed by the lack of results.