Jagged acne scars are something that many people have to deal with. In cases where people have an outbreak of acne, it is almost certain to leave a small scar or two. There are three basic option that can help people deal with these jagged scars, which are basic cover-up cosmetics, laser surgery or a dermal filler.

You don’t need to be a special effects artist to be able to find the right products and apply them well enough to cover up any scars you want to hide. What has been commonly known as “camouflage cosmetics” are easy to apply and are especially helpful in covering up pigmented scars. They come in all sorts of color bases so you can find just the right one that will work for you.

There are alternatives for men and women in the cosmetic field, and another consideration that many people are now looking into is laser surgery. This is now a very simple procedure in which a laser can be used to remove the scar. There is usually a very short recovery period after the surgery, and it is also a painless surgery.

While the use of cosmetics and laser surgery are options, dermal fillers may present a more affordable option. Laser surgery is not cheap and may or may not be covered by some type of insurance. The use of cover-up cosmetics also work, but depending on how often you have to use them can also start to become very expensive. Dermal fillers may be worth the investment as a cheaper, long term option.

Dermal fillers come in the form of an injection. You will need to consult your physician before deciding you want to have this procedure done so you can decide on which injection will be right for you. There are basically three types of dermal fillers, which are silicon-based injections, hyaluronic acid, and calcium based dermal fillers. The cost for this procedure can be anywhere from around 200 pounds to about 1350 pounds depending on the treatment area. This is less than the cost of laser surgery and can be less than you will spend on camouflage cosmetics over the long haul.