Giant healthcare and beauty company, Johnson & Johnson, will soon launching Johnson & Johnson Botox that may make a dent in to Allergan’s Botox behemoth.

The firm are looking to gain US approval for their new product next year, which could mean it would be available by 2015 in America and by around 2018 elsewhere in the world. Currently, Allergan make up for 85% of the market, which stands at a sizeable $900 million. The remaining 15% is made up by two small pharmaceutical companies who licence a similar product under a different name.

Johnson & Johnson however are an altogether different prospect, with a huge brand name behind them, not to mention a vast marketing budget. As a result Allergan may be forgiven for worrying that their lion’s share will be cut in to, though analysts believe J&J’s offering would have to offer substantial differences such as longevity, outcome or cost in order to make customers switch allegiances.

Dr Kenneth Beer is a consultant who has worked for both companies, and he comments:

“Allergan has built such a strong brand, people ask for Botox by name. This will be an uphill struggle (for J&J).”

However he also added: “J&J is a company I’d take seriously.”

This announcement means that late-stage trials will have been completed, though the name of the product is yet unknown. It’s understood that J&J will initially be targeting the cosmetic field however their product could also be used for bladder problems, excessive sweating and migraines, as other forms of botulinum toxins already do.

Allergan have so far refused to comment on the matter.

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