Much of the focus in plastic surgery lately has been moving north…to the lips! A simple lip augmentation can give you a dramatic and sensuous look with the fullness of celebrities like Angelina Jolie. This procedure can give you more self-confidence and balance your appearance. Since aging can cause you to lose collagen and volume in your lips, lip augmentation can even make you look younger!

But with something as noticeable as your lips, you should take care to make sure the procedure is done right. It is difficult to cover up a mistake right on the front of your face! If you are considering a lip augmentation procedure, take the time to research the best products on the market.

Restylane is one of the more common products on the lip augmentation market, and its results are quite promising. Unlike other injectable fillers like fat and collagen, this substance is a biodegradable gel that contains no animal products. It is based on hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body with the purpose of providing fullness and elasticity.

Lip injections with Restylane are fast, easy, and relatively pain-free. You do not even need a skin test, since the product is not animal-based and the risk of an allergic reaction is low. Because Restylane does not contain lidocaine like collagen, you may experience pain upon injection. Using a small needle, the gel is placed in the inside of the lips in little amounts. The volume it adds, though, is impressive. The entire procedure can take from just a few minutes up to half an hour, and you can go home shortly thereafter. The full recovery time is only about two to three days, and there are relatively few side effects besides some tenderness and swelling at the site of the injection.

Since Restylane is one of the latest developments in lip augmentation procedures, costs will vary by physician and location. But Restylane is sure to be a great value for your money, since it can stay effective for six months (much longer than other treatments). Using Restylane can enhance and regenerate your lips to add volume and shape. The product has also been approved by the FDA for the improvement of facial wrinkles, aging lines, and crow’s feet.