Meghan Markles Go To Skin Guide!

Meghan Markles skin continues to luminate and produce a radiant glow, so what is her secret?

It’s quite clear she is passionate about skincare working alongside Nichola Joss, a skincare expert who holds an impressive catalog of stars she has helped glow when it comes to products and routines.

A firm favourite of Meghans continues to be chemical peeling, a non invasive treatment which tightens pores and eliminates all imperfections. Followed by either a microdermabrasion or IPL, to help clear the skin of impurities for a deep cleanse. Skin expert Nichola suggests for this treatments to be carried out every two months but should then stop a month before any big event (like a royal wedding!) and change the focus of cleansing to hydration.

Self-massage to look younger

Another favourite of Meghan is the simple yet effective facial massages. Recently dubbed “facial yoga”, an easy addition to add to your skincare routine.

American researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago trailed this new craze for five months, with volunteers performing daily facial massage movements. Some of the movement including opening the mouth wide to form an O, smiling as much as possible to work the cheek muscles before massaging your cheekbones with your fingertips, or smiling without showing your teeth. repeated five times slowly. The result: firmer skin and smoother lines.

To work on the neck area you can look up and face the ceiling whilst opening and closing the mouth. With your shoulders back, lift up your chin until you tension the neck skin, without bending your neck and keeping your back straight. The face is facing the ceiling. In this position, open and close the mouth slowly and normally, feeling the tension in the neck. 

To smooth the forehead, pull up your hair with your hands and look straight ahead. Slowly lower the eyebrows, but do not bring them closer together. Close your eyes and always hold the top of the forehead that remains smooth. Remove the hand and let the eyebrows rise, without wrinkling the forehead.

Our clinic offers different treatments according to your skin type and especially same treatment as Meghan Markle: the chemical peeling that makes your skin brighter and tighten your pores to restore healthy skin. 

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