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Are you a medically qualified nurse, doctor, dentist or surgeon looking to enroll in our Skin Booster Training Courses? Then read this summary of  our delegate’s most frequently asked questions plus useful information and articles relating to Skin Booster Training.

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Yes, this training course will cover three different types of skin boosters including Profhilo, Rederm and Redensity.

During our Skin Booster Training Course we will look at treating areas that are often difficult to improve such as under the eye, the full face, neck and decolletage where the skin has often lost structure and hydration with Profhilo, Redensity and RHA1.

You must be medically qualified as a surgeon, doctor, dentist or nurse with a current registration with the GMC, GDC or NMC, or equivalent if you are an overseas delegate.

We offer a one day training course in Skin Boosters which once completed will enable you to treat patients. Click here to find out about the training course.

To train with us at Cosmetic Course we require you to be a registered Doctor, Dentist or Nurse with current registration with the GDC, GMC or NMC.

We recommend that only medical professionals administer Skin Booster Treatments.

Yes, here at Cosmetic Courses we provide live models for all of our training courses. During your Skin Booster Training Course you will either get to practice or observe 3 Skin Booster products including Profhilo, Rederm and Redensity.

No, Skin Booster is not a prescription medication and therefore can be purchased from reputable pharmacies.

Our Skin Booster Training Course include training on the following products, including Profhilo, Rederm and Redensity.

The price of our Training Course in Skin Boosters can be found here.

Yes you can. You will however need to work with a prescriber if you are wishing to train in Botox to complete the prescription for your patients.

Here at Cosmetic Courses we only train medical professionals.

You will need to take our one day training course in Skin Boosters and receive our competency certificate to be able to administer. You can view the training course by clicking here.

As part of our service you can order Redensity from us at the end of the course, we are not a wholesaler so cannot supply wholesale stock for you.

At Cosmetic Courses we only train medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses within aesthetics to ensure safety within the specialty.

Yes our foundation course in Botox and dermal filler is aimed at medical professionals starting out in the industry, once you have completed this course you can then go on to Skin Booster Training Course. 

Our Skin Booster Training course is held in three of our training centres through out the UK, including:

You can find our latest aesthetic training locations by clicking here.

Yes, we have a whole host of Skin Booster training courses available online from foundation to expert. You can view our online courses by clicking here.

Yes, we have Skin Booster training videos available on our online academy here. We also have video content on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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