The amount of women who decide to get Botox injections, collagen injections, and other similar procedures has risen fifteen percent over last year’s figures, meaning that for the first time over a million women are undergoing these types of procedures. There is no shortage of information available about some of the risks of Botox injections. They can have unwanted results, including resulting in a face lacking in emotional flexibility. Regardless of this, Botox is now being viewed by many as a normal part of women’s lives as they grow older.

Men are not immune to these changes either. Research conducted by Mintel predicts that as many as nineteen million women and men would undergo such procedures if they could afford the bill. Of the cosmetic options that do not require surgery, Botox is by far the most desired option. Botox is used to paralyze the movement of muscles in the face, which causes wrinkles to be smoothed out. And despite some of the high profile mistakes made on people who receive collagen injections and other lip enhancing procedures, there is a very large market for them as well. As an example, the actress Lesley Ash was left with a disfigured face when a lip enhancement procedure failed.

Another growing industry is the market for face lift procedures that do not require surgery. These dubiously called “organic face lifts” have become popular enough that the Duchess of Cornwall was recently discovered to have been receiving them. The specifics of the procedure are not known at this point, but it involves using bee venom as a replacement for Botox. According to the research conducted by Mintel, “With high profile celebrities – and now even royalty – choosing to help nature with fillers and lifts, non-surgical procedures have never been so popular, as numbers have passed the one million barrier for the first time in 2009.”

In addition to the non surgical options, plastic surgery itself grew by nine percent from 2008 to 2010. The most popular of these options is breast enhancement, a procedure in which saline bags are placed inside women’s breasts. Eyebag removal came in second, followed by surgery to the neck and face, the stomach, liposuction, nose jobs, and eyebrow lifts.

As a whole, the cosmetic treatment industry grew by seventeen percent over the past two years, reaching two point three billion pounds. The non surgical segment of the market has seen especially high growth. The main factor is thought to be the increased accessibility of such treatments. Mintel also discovered that only a third of the population feels like they don’t need plastic surgery.