Clinical lead of Cosmetic Courses Mel Recchia RN INP talks us through how to perform a beneficial skin assessment prior to treating your patient in their first consultation with you. 

Addressing skin concerns, skin needs and the fitzpatrick scale.

Watch below:

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Why is it important to perform a skin assessment?

Prior to any treatment regime it is very important you do a skin assessment, this will vary depending on treatment but there are a number of general areas to look out for.

The assessment is done after their medical questionnaire. Taking into context their age, lifestyle and skin type, then breaking it into certain skin conditions such as acne, dry/dyhdrated skin or rosacea – directing us to the appropriate treatment for the patient.

One of the main areas to look at during the assessment is the fitzpatrick scale. This looks at the colour of patients skin and their tanning ability, ranked from 1 (palest) to 8 (darkest), looking at where the patient falls on the scale can help decide the correct treatment.

Not only is this a great way to develop a treatment plan but also works in educating the patient in their skin and what it needs!