We’ve seen increased interest in our PRP Therapy training over the last couple of weeks thanks to a certain reality show.

The treatment, also known as the Vampire Facelift, was recently featured on ITVBe’s ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’.

In the show, which aired last Monday, life coach Tanya Bardsley was seen inviting friends Ampika Pickston and Leanne Brown along when she went for the treatment.

With admirable candour, she confessed that she would “eat donkey poo” if it meant looking younger.

PRP on the TV

And it’s not the first reality show to feature the treatment. PRP Therapy first received widespread attention thanks to ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, where Kim was famously filmed undergoing treatment.

You may have seen the dramatic photos that circulated in several magazines afterwards, showing Kim’s face dotted with blood.

With such an increase in prominence for the treatment, you may find your own patients start to ask you about PRP Therapy – if they haven’t already. Which makes now a great time to train.

About Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

The PRP Therapy technique has been used in medicine for many years, in such varied fields as orthopaedics, dentistry, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

This system uses the Tropocells technique to obtain a concentrated dose of clear plasma from a sample of the patient’s blood. Dense with blood platelets, this plasma is injected back into the body (in the case of aesthetics, into the skin), where a huge ‘hit’ of growth factors is released to stimulate repair and rejuvenation.

Why train in PRP Therapy 

Training in the treatment will give you an excellent add-on to your practice. It’s particularly useful for the delicate areas around the eyes, which are usually difficult to treat with Botox and dermal fillers. As such, it can be used in conjunction with other injectable and rejuvenating treatments as part of a wider treatment regime.

As an autologous system, patients who are not keen on using artificial products may be happier to try PRP Therapy as it is completely natural – and therefore reassuringly safe.

It can be used on all skin types, involves very little downtime for your patients, and has long-lasting results. And as an added advantage for your practice, the treatment is very cost-effective as it incurs very little outlays.

Finding out more

At Cosmetic Courses we offer PRP Therapy training at the Paddocks Clinic in Buckinghamshire. Training takes one day and courses are held monthly. Our next available course date is 18th February 2015.

To find out more or book your place, please contact the team on 01844 390110 or email [email protected].