We all know there are many uses for Botulinum Toxin, commonly known as Botox. However there is a bold new craze for 2016 coined ‘Scrotox’. This is the method of injecting Botox into your scrotum with the aim to boost the size and smooth the wrinkly male privates, but just how risky is it? In the past decade, the number of men undergoing cosmetic surgery has doubled and there is seemingly an increasing demand for this new non-surgical procedure.

What is Scrotox?

This Botox treatment, costing around £2,800, claims to:

  • reduce sweating
  • reduce wrinkles
  • increase the size of the scrotum by ‘inflating’ deflated balls

According to experts, over the last year the number of men enquiring about Scrotox has doubled.

This ‘facelift for your scrotum’ is said to be highly beneficial for athletes. The Botox is said to help alleviate some of the irritation and discomfort often experienced by cyclists and runners caused by excess sweating and rubbing during their training.

However, after the treatment, some loss of feeling is to be expected. Although it aims to improve the appearance of the scrotum, in many cases, the scrotum has a large amount of loose skin. In these cases, this injectable treatment will not produce optimal results, and experts say you may not get the desired outcome.

Many clinics do not yet offer this procedure due to the complications and risks that come with dealing with the anatomy in this area. However, the procedure is becoming increasingly popular with men intrigued by the philosophy of a smooth scrotum, and willing to undergo treatment below the belt.

So… is it worth the risk?

Botox training at Cosmetic Courses

Although we are not training in this particular use for Botulinum Toxin we do offer a range of Botox training courses for facial rejuvenation. If you are medically qualified as a doctor, dentist or nurse and are interested in finding out more about our training courses, please feel free to contact our course co-ordinators.