Professional beauty experts contend that the key to a youthful appearance is the lips. If your lips are full and young-looking, other age-related flaws such as crows’ feet and frown lines become less noticeable in your overall appearance.

While such environmental factors as sun exposure adversely affect your facial features, the aging and thinning of your lips as you advance in years depends largely on your genes. You can prevent looking older than you feel by being proactive and correcting the demise of the thickness and plumpness of your lips. Additionally, if you are young but want more volume to achieve that ideal look of “kissability,” there are both temporary and permanent cosmetic fixes to give you the lips you desire.

Temporary Cosmetic Enhancement

Temporary treatments to replace the youthful lip fullness that time begins to take away include such injection programmes as Botox and collagen. While Botox works beneath the skin to immobilize the muscles that govern your facial expressions, thus smoothing those wrinkles that become apparent when you frown or smile, collagen injections actually plump up your lips, filling in the lines just beneath your skin surface. The downside of injection treatments is that their positive effects last only 3-9 months, and then the treatments must be repeated.

A Permanent Solution

Permalip® is a new advance in the field of cosmetic surgery that offers a permanent solution to the problem of aging lips. The ground-breaking procedure utilizes a unique silicone implant to fill and plump your lips for a lifelong, beautiful smile.

The Permalip® implant, developed by U.S. cosmetic surgeons, is composed of a soft, pliable silicone solid. A proven procedure that developers have extensively tested, Permalip® has attained CE Marked approval for use in Europe. This permanent lip enhancement that will keep your appearance youthful without repeated treatments.

Unlike older implant treatments, the Permalip® implant is rupture-proof, will not bond with surrounding tissue, and will not harden or deteriorate throughout years of use.

The Procedure

It takes less than one hour under local anesthetic for your cosmetic surgeon to place your implant. You will retain no visible scarring, and you can feel confident knowing that the procedure is fully reversible and can be adjusted for size upon your request.

You will enjoy full recovery from the procedure within two weeks, and the beautiful results will keep you looking as young as you feel. Permalip® is truly revolutionary.