Video FAQs

Welcome to our gallery of video FAQs. Our expert team of aesthetic trainers offer business and clinical advice for those of you considering training with us here at Cosmetic Courses. If you have a question that isn’t answered here and you would like to speak to a course co-ordinator, please contact us.

Using dermal filler in the jaw cosmetic courses

Clinical Director of Cosmetic Courses and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards discusses the use of dermal filler in the jaw in this video.

The number one area for dermal fillers as we’ve mentioned before is the cheeks. The number two would be the lips and number three jaw.

If your patient is looking to define the jaw, we can use dermal filler injections in this area to make it more prominent.

Dermal filler would draw her jaw backwards and give a her a defined jawline, whilst accentuating the angles of the face.

When treating the face, it is important to look at the face as whole and adopt a holistic approach. This means that if you are treating the jaw, perhaps the cheeks would benefit from some additional volume to produce a proportioned face.

Using dermal filler in the lips

In this video, Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses Mr Adrian Richards looks at the use of dermal filler in the lips. By using different techniques including needle and cannula practitioners are able to reshape, define and add volume to the lips. Fast becoming one of the most popular treatments, lip filler can look subtle or dramatic depending on the clients preference.

Where Can You Place Dermal Filler

In this video, Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses Mr Adrian Richards discusses the use of dermal fillers.

Whereas botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles to reduce fine lines, dermal filler adds volume to the desired areas. By strategic placement of dermal filler you can treat a multitude of areas. A common procedure is cheek filler, not only are you enhancing the cheeks but you are also pulling the sides of the face back which in turn is lifted the lower face, especially lines around the mouth.

Treating a Gummy Smile with Botulinum Toxin

In this video Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses, Mr Adrian Richards looks at using Botulinum Toxin to reduce the appearance of a Gummy Smile. Some patients can feel insecure about their smile and show a lot of their gums. Otherwise known as a gummy smile. By using Botulinum Toxin to the muscle above the lip it can lower the lip and reduce the appearance of gums when the patient smiles.

Treating The Masseter Muscle With Botulinum Toxin

In this video Medical Director of Cosmetic Courses, Mr Adrian Richards looks at treating the Masseter Muscle with Botulinum Toxin and its benefits.
The Masseter Muscle is the muscle at the back of the jaw which helps you chew food and can be seen when you clench your teeth.

Sometimes this muscle can be quite large and be quite prominent on facial features giving a wider facial appearance. By using Botulinum Toxin injections, the appearance of the muscle can decrease and “slim” down the jaw area.

Treating The Depressor Anguli Oris With Botulinum Toxin

In this series we have looked at popular areas to use Botulinum Toxin within aesthetic medicine. Botulinum Toxin can be used in a variety of areas around the face to help relax muscles and restructure the face.

One of the popular advanced treatments we have spoken about before is the Nefertiti lift. Close to this area there is another use of Botulinum Toxin in the lower face, treating the muscles near the mouth otherwise known as Depressor Anguli Oris.

Botulinum Toxin for the Lower Face

Botulinum Toxin has always stuck to the top half of the face but more so than ever the muscle relaxing injections have moved further down the face! By careful and strategic placing, botulinum toxin in in the lower face can improve structure and contour to the jaw and neck area.