The Aesthetic Medicine Sympsium is one of the only true courses that gives doctors and physicians alike a fantastic chance to be taught by board-certified dermatologists about the specific techniques and training requirements for injectable cosmetics. The injectable botox training is done in a legitimate, sterile medical environment and does not allow spectators giving doctors more free time for education.

The doctors that come to the Symposium can take a second look at the training they gain by using their 3 medical training DVD’s, which offer training on: botox instruction, dermal filler instruction, and microdermabrasion instruction. The DVD’s are hosted by the IAPAM’s member Dr. Marc Scheiner, who covers the aforementioned training regimens.

Each member who attends the Sympsoum will gain a total of 19 DVD’s relating to cosmetic practice. These will allow doctors and physicians alike to recall the training that they received whenever they see fit.

Scheiner heralds study classes like the IAPAM’s, mostly because they offer real, live injection patients to practice on. This, he continues, is necessary to build the confidence needed to start to immediately offer the procedures. Jennifer Lidner, another member of the IAPAM Symposium had this to say: “In order to perform Botox treatments well, one must understand the medication and how it specifically works. Physicians must know how to appropriately dilute the product and how to safely and effectively administer it. Training should provide an in-depth discussion of facial anatomy and how to evaluate muscle movements to decide on product placement. One must understand the details of how Botox interacts with the muscles, the natural variations of the musculature of the face, as well as how to achieve beautiful aesthetic results by decreasing muscle contraction in a designed and organized fashion.

Effective training programs, like the IAPAM’s Symposium should prepare doctors to effectively handle any adverse events from both a medical standpoint, as well as helping the patient to understand the situation. Marketing assistance is also very valuable, and good training seminars, like the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Start-Up Workshop, discuss how to market services.”

The seminar has grown to be quite popular, and is growing equally with the demand by doctors for professional and knowledgeable training staff.