Botulinum Toxin has fast become one of the most popular treatments in the world with treatments ranging from forehead to feet. With its popularity and high demand comes a sea of aesthetic practitioners across the globe  injecting daily, this also comes as a responsibility to the practitioner it practicing a good and safe practice. We caught up with Clinical Lead and aesthetic nurse practitioner Mel Recchia to go through the top 10 tips she has developed over the years for performing this popular anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Mels Top 10 Tips for Botox

  1. Know your anatomy! If you know the Position, origin, insertion and function of each facial muscle, where to place the toxin becomes a process of logic. Knowing this detail will also set you apart as a knowledgeable and skilled injector.
  2. Complete a full and comprehensive consultation. Make sure your patient really understands how it works and give realistic expectations.
  3. Offer a “review” appointment. Don’t call it a “top up”, the words “top up” implies more for free. Explain that on a review the results of the treatment will be checked and if there is need for more, more will be added. If not needed none will be added. Putting in more toxin does not make it last longer.
  4. Explain what Botox won’t do. Be clear with its effects. If there is a deep static line between the brows, it will not disappear after one treatment.
  5. Under promise – over deliver! Be careful what words you use. Try to avoid “disappear” “get rid of” use “make less obvious” “improve” “stop getting worse”.
  6. Concise pre and post care. Explain what patients need to do before and after the treatment.
  7. Mark up! When using pencils for marking, only use white and do not inject through the marks. This can tattoo the skin if using a dark colour and may introduce contamination.
  8. Follow the prescribing rules. As well as the code of conduct from your registered body (GMC, NMC, GDC).
  9. Precise and accurate dilution. Precise and accurate injections.
  10. Explain the life of the treatment! When does it start to work, how long does it last, movement will make a gradual return possibly before the 12 weeks.

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