Botulinum Toxin has fast become one of the most popular treatments in the world with treatments ranging from forehead to feet. With its popularity and high demand comes a sea of aesthetic practitioners across the globe  injecting daily, this also comes as a responsibility to the practitioner it practicing a good and safe practice. We caught up with Clinical Lead and aesthetic nurse practitioner Mel Recchia to go through the top 10 tips she has developed over the years for performing this popular anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Mels Top 10 Tips for Botox

  1. Know your anatomy! If you know the Position, origin, insertion and function of each facial muscle, where to place the toxin becomes a process of logic. Knowing this detail will also set you apart as a knowledgeable and skilled injector.
  2. Complete a full and comprehensive consultation. Make sure your patient really understands how it works and give realistic expectations.
  3. Offer a “review” appointment. Don’t call it a “top up”, the words “top up” implies more for free. Explain that on a review the results of the treatment will be checked and if there is need for more, more will be added. If not needed none will be added. Putting in more toxin does not make it last longer.
  4. Explain what Botox won’t do. Be clear with its effects. If there is a deep static line between the brows, it will not disappear after one treatment.
  5. Under promise – over deliver! Be careful what words you use. Try to avoid “disappear” “get rid of” use “make less obvious” “improve” “stop getting worse”.
  6. Concise pre and post care. Explain what patients need to do before and after the treatment.
  7. Mark up! When using pencils for marking, only use white and do not inject through the marks. This can tattoo the skin if using a dark colour and may introduce contamination.
  8. Follow the prescribing rules. As well as the code of conduct from your registered body (GMC, NMC, GDC).
  9. Precise and accurate dilution. Precise and accurate injections.
  10. Explain the life of the treatment! When does it start to work, how long does it last, movement will make a gradual return possibly before the 12 weeks.

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It’s the injectable sweeping the world but what do we really know about the winkle buster that is Botulinum Toxin? In this blog we look at the facts & some frequently asked questions to get your knowledge tip top when it comes to one of the worlds most famous toxins.

What is Botulinum Toxin?

Used aesthetically to combat wrinkles Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin protein sourced from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It’s qualities help to relax muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Over time with extensive research and testing the injectable has proven to be able to also treat certain medical conditions.

How does Botulinum Toxin work?

Botulinum Toxin works by injecting controlled amounts of the product into the areas where you have active muscle movement. In line with our ageing process we gradually form wrinkles overtime. We develop these wrinkles as a result of repetitive active movement of certain muscle groups. The treatment works by relaxing the muscles which helps to prevent them from contracting and in turn slows down the formation of wrinkles and lines.

What is Botox?

Many use the word Botox as the name of the treatment when in fact this is just the name of one brand of Botulinum Toxin. Created by Allergan, Botox® is one of the biggest brands of Botox in the world. It would be the same as calling all vacuum cleaners a hoover… All brands of Botulinum Toxin hold their own qualities and names. Patients should be aware of the pros and cons of each to help them make an informed decision on the products used.

Are Botulinum Toxin injections safe?

Safety is incredibly important when it comes to aesthetic treatments and in order to ensure your safety it’s beneficial to know about the practice of injectables. Understanding more about this will help you to make informed decisions about your treatments.

In order for public use products need to have FDA approval. Each product approved by the FDA has gone through extensive testing in order for it to meet all guidelines and regulations set. Once given the FDA seal of approval the product is safe to use when administered by a professional.

We treat our models with Botox at Cosmetic Courses, the anti-wrinkle injection created by Allergan. The FDA have approved Botox for over 10 years.

Administered by a trained professional this procedure is safe and can achieve great results.

Are Botulinum Toxin injections permanent?

No, these injections are not permanent. On average Botox lasts for around 3 – 4 months post treatment and patients find they often need repeat treatments needed throughout the year. The right practitioner will guide you with your treatment plan to ensure your safety and achieve the best results.

Botulinum Toxin FACTS…

  • First used in the 70’s, the injectable was used to treat the medical condition of Strabismus.
  • Its journey in the cosmetic industry began in the 90’s where its wrinkle relaxing qualities were discovered.
  • Botulinum Toxin is manufactured by many companies but there are three main pharmaceutical companies used in the UK; Allergan, Galderma & Merz.
  • Headaches, excessive sweating and strabismus are some of the medical conditions which can be treated with the injectable.
  • Botulinum Toxin injections are popular with everybody, from women to men “Brotox” to business professionals “Protox“.
  • The number of women in the UK using anti-wrinkle injections has risen by 41% since 2011.

Botox Treatments at Cosmetic Courses

If you are considering Botox treatment and are looking for a high quality procedure without breaking the bank then having treatment with Cosmetic Courses may be the right option for you. All treatments are supervised by our team of expert trainers and performed by medically qualified professionals.



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A few years ago, we would mention the word Botox and people would look in disbelief as if we were muttering a spell.  Aesthetic treatments were seen to treat only the wealthy and famous. We watched as celebrities continued to look effortlessly young, but not once did we consider the treatments ourselves. Fast forward a few years and the words “cosmetic procedures” is on everyone’s lips. So why has it changed? 

The Growth of Cosmetic Procedures

A recent report by ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery) saw that 70% of individuals surveyed are now looking for a cosmetic procedure. The online survey was taken by 7322 individuals all expressing their reasons as to what they thought about the treatments.

So why is it now so popular? 

A few reasons that have come to light from recent articles, surveys and reports such as the Nuffield Council on Bioethetics – Cosmetic Procedures: Ethical Issues are the following:

  • Self confidence
  • Celebrity influence
  • Physcological reasons
  • Media
  • Career reasons
  • Low cost
  • “Quick fixes”

Cosmetic procedures are also easy to reach. A quick google in your area and lists can appear of local practitioners all willing to make your vision a reality. A large part of the decision is also from the fact that cosmetic procedures in aesthetics are temporary. Results will last for an average of 3 months with the option to “top up” the treatment to maintain it’s effects.

7 in 10 are Considering a Cosmetic Procedure

Whatever the reason for your decision to consider treatment, you are not alone. Long gone are the days of this hushed topic. People now proudly show off their new features achieved with the power of the needle. Women are no longer swapping knitting patterns but practitioner details.

You are not alone in your consideration to have cosmetic procedures.

Here at Cosmetic Courses we focus on our patients. We teach our delegates how to perform treatments but also how to look after their patients. We guide them through their treatment and help them to make a decision. We work strongly by the belief that only the patient can decide what they want and encourage our delegates to listen and advise.

Top Tips for your Decision…

If you are thinking of getting a cosmetic procedure we ask you to think of the following in order to aid your decision:

  1. Why do I want this?
  2. What do I want to achieve?
  3. Have I researched this treatment?
  4. Am I prepared for the change?

A good practitioner will help you in your decision and will only carry out treatment as they see fit and when you are confident in your decision. 

Non-Surgical Treatments as a Model at Cosmetic Courses

If you’re one of the 70% interested in trying out a new cosmetic procedure becoming a model is a safe and cost-effective way of trying the latest techniques and products available.

Cosmetic Courses has been training medical professionals in the UK since 2002. As one of the longest-established providers we pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the products we use for treatment. This means that you are receiving the safest possible treatment as a model with us. The added bonus is that the treatment with us is a fraction of the high street cost.

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The eyes are very much the focal point of our faces. Any irregularities in this area can quickly make you look tired and aged. Eye creams after eye creams promise to remove dark circles and brighten the eyes with hefty price tags and tiny bottles. Here we look at the non-surgical treatments available to banish those bags that actually work…

Common problems with the eye area:

  • Heavy eyes
  • Hooded eyelids
  • Deep under eye circles
  • Sunken eyes
  • Crow’s feet

The majority of these issues are caused by the thinning of your skin around the eye area due to ageing. The loss in elasticity and volume causes the area to look tired and lose its youthful glow.

Each of these problems can be easily treated with the correct combinations of Botox and dermal fillers. This can reduce the appearance of tired skin and brighten up your eyes, boosting your self-confidence.

Which treatment is right for me?

Heavy Eyes / Hooded Eyelids

You may have noticed that your brow has dropped causing your eyelid to rest heavily on your lash line. This can obstruct your vision and can result in you needing to prop the area up, particularly if you’re applying make-up such as eyeshadow. Many believe the only cure is a surgical blepharoplasty. In some cases this is true however there is a non-surgical option for those of you with minor hooding of the eyelid…

Treatment: Brow Lift 

Using Botox injections just above the eyebrow, your eyelid can be stretched out by relaxing the muscles. This minimises their hooded appearance. The treatment takes just 20-30 minutes to complete with results being noticed fully 10-14 days after the procedure. The effects from the Botox will last 12 weeks and after this it can be “topped up” with another appointment.

Deep under eye circles / sunken eyes

The skin around your eyes thins out over time which can cause your eyes to look darker. This sunken appearance is known as ‘bags under your eyes’ and is particularly apparent first thing in the morning. This is a very common problem and is one of the first signs of skin ageing.

Treatment: Tear Trough Rejuvenation

Tear Trough Rejuvenation uses dermal fillers injected just under the eye into the ‘tear trough’. Once the area under the eye has re-gained volume it produces a youthful, brightening effect. Treatment time is 30 minutes and full results can be seen after 10 days. This treatment can be re-administered after 12 weeks.

non surgical treatments for the eyes

The Kardashians love PRP

Treatment: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy otherwise known as PRP or the Vampire face lift can help to banish dark circles. The purpose of the treatment is to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin surface using the bodies own blood. The practitioner will re-inject your ‘platelet-rich-plasma’ into the problem area. This natural process promotes youthful skin under the eyes causing dark circles to lighten.

Patients can see full results from PRP 3-4 weeks after treatment.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are the formation of wrinkles at the side of your eyes, replicating the image of a birds feet (hence the name!)

Crow’s feet normally appear from the movement of smiling. Although we love smiling, we hate that it makes us look older than we are so fortunately there is a very simple treatment to combat them.

non-surgical eye treatments

Naomi Watts showing Crow’s feet around her eyes.

Treatment: Botox 

By using Botox injections, practitioners can relax this area causing the wrinkles to fade and your muscles to relax. This means the next time you smile, laugh or squint the crow’s feet will have magically disappeared! Treatment time is 20-30 minutes, with results being visible after a week and the option to have the treatment again after 12 weeks.


Non-Surgical Treatments as a Model at Cosmetic Courses

Cosmetic Courses has been training medical professionals in the UK since 2002. As one of the longest-established providers we pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the products we use for treatment. This means that you are receiving the safest possible treatment as a model with us. 

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Advanced Botox treatments can be confusing. You are provided with an endless list of names that you don’t quite advanced botox treatments
understand. Just using the term “Botox please” is long gone. Now each procedure is surrounded by a name either resembling an animal or god like creature. Albeit some still carry easy names such as “Brow Lift” but it’s time to catch up with the terms so the next time you sit in your consultation chair you know exactly what you want!

Our advanced courses cover 10 main areas of Botox, from Nefertiti Lifts to Bunny Lines. We are going to take you through each area bit by bit leaving you confident in your next Botox decision:

1. Brow Lift

We will start if off easy. The purpose for this one is in the name. Tension in the brow bone and above causes it to furrow and drop, resulting in an obstructed view of the eyelid.  The Botox injection relaxes the muscles causing the brows to fall. In addition to this the injections also smooth out the area around the brow causing an all round refreshed and youthful glow.

Treatment time: 20 minutes
Results: full results 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 4-6 months

2. Bunny Lines

When you scrunch your nose up lines appear around the bridge. Bunny lines can also be prominent on some people when they smile, with lines forming in the same direction as laughter lines. The Botox injection relaxes the muscles issuing this reaction. Injected into the top of the nose this is a treatment that is regularly forgotten about and often a tell tale sign of those who have had Botox. They focus on just the forehead and mouth lines forgetting the natural lines formed in the middle of the face.

Treatment time: 15 minutes
Results: full results 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 3-6 months

3. Nasal Tip

One of our advanced Botox treatments is injections into the tip of the nose to prevent it from dipping. This is something that can be noticed when you smile. The injections will lift the tip of the nose up by relaxing the muscles that are pulling it down. Overall giving more definition to the nose.

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Results: full results 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 6 months

4. Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is caused when you smile and your upper lip becomes thin and lifted showing off your teeth and gums. This is due to an overactive muscle in the top lip causing it to pull back when over strenuous movement occurs in that area. The Botox injections are administrated in the nose to mouth lines, this channels a relaxant to that muscle. This results in less of your gum on show when you smile and you natural fuller lip appears back in place.

Treatment time: 15 minutes
Results: lip will start relaxing 3-4 days after treatment with full results 2 weeks after
Lasts: 4-6 months

5. Perioral Rhytides / Smoker’s lines

This is a gathering of thin vertical lines stemming from the lips which is an affect of ageing that can occur in anyone but more common in those with a history of smoking. Lips tend to lose volume as we age and cause the mouth to be surrounded with fine lines by a repetitive bunching of the muscles around the mouth. This is one of our advanced Botox treatments due to the precision needed in injecting around the lip to cause the muscle tension to relax.

Treatment time: 20 minutes
Results: 3-10 days
Lasts: 4-6 months

6. Downturned Mouth

As we age the skin can fall downwards on the corners of our mouth. This causes a “downturned mouth” which can resemble an upset expression when relaxed. This is because the Depressor Anguli Oris muscle has been over worked and is causing the corners of the mouth to drop down. By relaxing this muscle with Botox it will lift back up to its natural position. Some like to do this treatment with a combination of dermal fillers to increase volume in this area.

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Results: maximum results seen 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 4-6 months

7. Puckered Chin

As we age we start to lose collagen and elasticity around the face, causing certain features to drop and skin to become loose. As the mouth is a point of the face that is continuously working, a lot of the ageing can begin here. A puckered chin is when the chin easily forms large indents and lines when the mouth holds expression. This can be common in all ages but can progress as we age. Botox injections relax the muscles causing this effect on the face and can help to make the profile more defined.

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Results: maximum results seen 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 4-6 months

8. Masseter Muscle

At the other end of the spectrum there are people who feel their jawline is too defined and some females see this as masculine.

Advanced Botox Treatment Angelina Jolie Jawline

Angelina Jolie Jawline

Overactive use of the teeth clenching together, i.e. someone who chews gums a lot tenses the muscles around the mouth and  jaw adding definition. Another of our advanced Botox treatments is injecting in this area to relax the jaw muscles giving the face a softer appearance.

Treatment time: 30 – 40 minutes
Results: 10-14 days after treatment
Lasts: 4-6 months

9. Playsmal Bands / Nefertiti Lift

Named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti who was thought to have the perfect mandibular contour.  This treatment uses Botox to lift the skin around the jaw giving it more definition. There are many factors that contribute to the ageing of the neck and can result in an all round

Advanced Botox Treatments Nefertiti line

Queen Nefertiti, the queen of defined jawlines

aged appearance. By simply lifting up certain areas of the face we can bring back the youth lost and add more definition.

The platysmal muscle is a depressor complex constantly pulling downwards which can lead to the development of jowls or horizontal “necklace lines”. By using a combination of Botox injections into the platysmal bands with injections along and under the mandible horizontal rhytides will be reduced and improve the definition of the mandibular border.

Treatment time: 45 minutes
Results: 2 weeks after treatment
Lasts: 6 months

10. Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural occurrence in all of us. Whether it’s clammy hands or sweaty armpits, it happens to the best of us. Botox injections can be used to prevent sweat forming. Sweating can be embarrassing and some can find it more excessive than others, effecting daily life.

Botox injections into the armpit can temporarily stop this excessive sweating.

Treatment time: 45 minutes
Results: 7-14 days
Lasts: 6-9 months

Advanced Botox Treatments at Cosmetic Courses

If you are a newcomer to aesthetic treatments we normally recommend to start with basic upper face Botox, focusing on your frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet. This combined with filler to fine lines around the mouth can immediately add a youthful glow to your complexion and skin.

Cosmetic Courses has been training medical professionals in the UK since 2002. As one of the longest-established providers we pride ourselves on the quality of our training and the products we use for treatment. This means that you are receiving the safest possible treatment as a model with us. The added bonus is that treatment with us is for a fraction of the high street cost.

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants or to book in for advanced Botox treatments please call us now on 01844 390110 or register here to become a Cosmetic Courses model.